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news of the American bissexual community

How does equality at work become a reality?

Erin Uritus (Photo courtesy of Out & Equal) In much of America, you can still be fired for being gay. You can be denied government services. You can lose your home. Ensuring our basic civil rights protections is at the heart of…

Why Coming Out Still Matters – Justin Friel

Photo by saeed mhmdi on UnsplashToday is National Coming Out Day. For many, today will be the day that they first tell friends and family that they are LGBT+. Or maybe it will be the day that they publicly tell the world they are LGBT+.…

I’m Coming Out – Heinemann Publishing

(As A Queer Educator Who Will No Longer Do This Work Alone)Closets, we learn at a young age, are for winter coats, monsters, and hiding our messiness in darkness. The darkest of spaces are not meant for identities, love, or truth.…

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