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news of the American bissexual community

Coming Out Day, 6 Years Later – Andrea Levis

September 13, 2013. This was the day I first came out to anyone in real life. I had first come out to a few people over the internet and I watched someone I followed on Twitter on YouTube's coming out story, and Dan if you happen to read…

Coming Out is Just The Beginning – Jeff Brutlag

Photo by Jiroe on UnsplashWhen I came out as gay at sixteen years old, I remember feeling like I shed a stiff layer of skin that kept me from moving freely. I felt so confident; I felt like I climbed a mountain and screamed to the world…

How does equality at work become a reality?

Erin Uritus (Photo courtesy of Out & Equal) In much of America, you can still be fired for being gay. You can be denied government services. You can lose your home. Ensuring our basic civil rights protections is at the heart of…

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