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news of the American bissexual community

Five recommendations for event organizers

Often, participants of events with name badges who want to signal their pronouns have to write them on the badge itself. This is less than ideal, since other attendees won’t know to look for the information there, and the strategy’s…

Returning To The Fold – Ren Williams

Ala walks through the halls of the Fraxis, running her hand along the silver-blue walls that shine new and bright. People pass her by, look at her oddly or with sympathy but she doesn’t really notice. Doesn’t really pay much attention to…

LGBTQSPCA – Esther Spurrill-Jones – Medium

Mocking People ≠ LovePhoto by Andrew Neel on UnsplashI was recently in a service where the guest speaker was the well-loved, former, retired pastor of the church I usually attend. It’s been a while since I’ve heard him preach, and I…

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