‘Cold-blooded killer’ met teen on Grindr and stabbed him 128 times

A teen killer met an 18-year-old gay sales assistant on Grindr and sabbed him to death in a savage attack.

A judge in Preston Crown Court, northern England, has now jailed Brian Healless, 18, for life for murder. He will serve at least 24 years in prison.

The pair had met on gay hook-up app Grindr.

Davies, from Skelmersdale, was openly gay. But Healless from Rylands Road, Chorley told him he was ‘not out yet’.

Therefore, Healless suggested a ‘discrete spot’ halfway between their two homes for their first meeting. They agreed to meet at Parbold Hill, a remote woodland beauty spot in Lancashire.

Having lured Davies there, Healless stabbed him 128 times. He dragged him through the mud while he was still alive and covered his body with branches and leaves to hide it.

Murderer Brian Healless riding away from the crime on his bike with the victim’s rucksack. Lancashire Police

CCTV then filmed Healless riding away from the scene on his mountain bike. The film shows he had Davies’ rucksack on his back.

Moreover, Preston Crown Court heard that in the days after the killing, Healless tried to set up outdoor meets with four other men.

‘Manipulative, calculating and devious’

In sentencing, Judge Brown told Healless that he ‘executed the killing in a savage way.’

He said: ‘Alex was a kind-hearted, gentle and hard-working young man who would never have harmed anyone.

‘You were undoubtedly setting him up to kill and you are a manipulative, calculating and devious person.

‘It is extremely fortuitous that you were arrested before anyone else suffered the same fate.’

Psychiatrists had examined Healless, who came to England from his native Lithuania aged seven. They agreed he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the murder.

However, jurors rejected his defense that his mental state reduced his responsibility for the killing. They took an hour to unanimously convict him of murder.

Alex Davies
Victim Alex Davies, 18, ‘was a kind-hearted, gentle and hard-working young man’. Lancashire Police

Meanwhile Judge Brown told him: ‘It was a planned and premeditated killing.’

Moreover he added: ‘Although the motive will never be known it seems you were intent on having his hi-spec phone.

‘You made a Google search about the phone before the meeting and stole it immediately after the killing.

‘You took the other phone and Samsung Galaxy watch, a set of headphones and a leather wallet, a rucksack as well. And not long after you had returned home, you re-registered and factory reset the two phones.’

‘Considerable force’

The judge also outlined the nature of the murder itself. He told Healless:

‘You stabbed him to death with a knife at least 128 times and many of the wounds were inflicted when he was still alive.

‘Many of the wounds caused damage to major blood vessels and internal organs. There were also 17 puncture wounds to his body as well.

‘You punched him to his head and face, causing considerable bruising and multiple fractures to the nasal bone.

‘You used considerable force to sever and fracture certain ribs.

‘There was mud and vegetation in his nose and mouth, showing you dragged him face down by the collar when he was still alive, causing asphyxiation.

‘Immediately after the killing you tried to conceal the body, covering it with fresh branches and leaves, though it was discovered a couple of days later by a gamekeeper.’

The court heard that Healless searched online for a folding military spade. The judge said it was possible he regretted not taking a spade when he murdered Davies and now wanted to get one.

Moreover, he added: ‘You returned home and discarded the rucksack and then in the following days you were messaging four other males on Grindr about having a meeting in a remote spot and the males included somebody called Matt.’

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