Protect Innocent People from Harmful Interstate Pollution

Target: Andrew R. Wheeler, Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Enact protections for U.S. states affected by interstate industrial pollution.

Cancer– and illness-causing pollution from the Midwestern United states has been found to affect millions of Americans in the neighboring Northeast, according to a new study. Microscopic particles and fumes are carried through wind currents across state lines, causing or contributing to four in ten pollution-related deaths. While the 14-year study, conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), shows that total pollution-related deaths have fallen, it also reveals that interstate contamination remains one of the most dangerous forms of pollution found in the United States.

Residents of the Northeast have no say in the construction or operation of power plants, factories, or other facilities which produce these pollutants, yet they suffer disproportionately from its effects, with heart and respiratory conditions, asthma, cancers, and even septicemia being common results of exposure.

As a federal agency, the EPA has a duty to protect people in interstate cases, particularly when those affected have little to no power to change policy or industry in other states. Sign the petition below to demand that the EPA act to safeguard the people affected.


Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Millions of Americans are at risk from illness-causing pollution from industries in neighboring states, with no say in how these industries are run or how they will be affected. These people are at risk of suffering from cancers, heart and lung problems, and complications in old age, yet their state governments have little power to protect them from their neighbors.

Every citizen of this country has a right to expect that their health and their lives be protected by their government. I demand that you use your authority to protect these people under the Clean Air Act.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: C. William Brubaker

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