Change is a Choice. – Pamela J. Nikodem, MS

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So wait, isn’t this the same church where priests sexually abuse boys? Like, uhm yeah, dudes, if you are doing something like that, in such a disgusting way, how can you judge another person’s choice to be a legitimate LGBTQ? person, who isn’t a nasty old pedophile?

I am quite confused, why a Church would use tactics like that, with blight all over their hands.

Oh! I forgot, the church has a history of doing things, in such a way, as to contradict their virtuous paths in light of their want of power.

Thank you for shedding the light here.

As a Christian, I find it sad and disgusting how men and women stand behind their pulpits, touting such ‘high’ standards, and then are caught red-handed doing ten times the crap they claim others are doing.

The choice is freedom.

Why in the heck do you think we have the gift of grace?

So we can use it as a battering ram? Oh hell no.

We need to live our lives in such a way as to draw men and women to see God in us, not in a dogmatic and controlling manner.

I think we forgot we are not the judge and jury here.

There is a High Power and I think, lest I am mistaken, they will be the ones to make the final choice, not mere humanity. I prefer it that way.

I would rather love in my Higher Power’s name, all those (even the nasty pedophile and then avoid them like heck) so they can find hope, than to throw them all out by converting them, in such a way as to damage their souls.

I felt the need to share this, because my family has experienced a bi-sexual daughter, a trans turned lesbian daughter, and their partner. Excuse me, but I’d rather them know someone loves them unconditionally and then, if they want and choose to change, the choice is freely theirs. ~PJ

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