Revoke License of Vet Charged With Killing Dog

Target: Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board

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Goal: Revoke the veterinary license of accused animal abuser Dr. Daniel Koller.

Oregon veterinarian Dr. Daniel Koller has been accused of kicking, biting, choking, and even killing several innocent animals throughout his career, but the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board is still allowing him to practice.

Koller was first charged with animal cruelty in 1974 after allegedly beating a German Shepherd that was later found dead. Since then, his license has been suspended and revoked twice for further abuse charges, but each time he was allowed to practice again after just five years.

Several of Dr. Koller’s patients have come forth with accounts that describe him violently abusing their pets while they were under his care. A former employee filed a 79-page complaint against Dr. Koller for numerous instances of alleged abuse and neglect. Dr. Koller has also admitted to misusing veterinary anesthetics, and has been accused by staff of practicing medicine while impaired by drug use.

The district attorney in Washington County filed criminal charges against Dr. Koller after a 7-month-old dachshund named Bleu reportedly died as a result of Dr. Koller’s violent mistreatment. However, Koller pleaded guilty and continues to practice in Oregon today. Without intervention from the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board, it seems likely he will continue to abuse and kill innocent animals brought in by unsuspecting customers who just want the best for their pets.


Dear Members of the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board,

Dr. Daniel Koller has apparently proven consistently throughout his career that he is a menace to the animals he claims to care for. After decades of animal abuse charges and numerous accusations of neglect and misconduct, it seems clear that Dr. Koller is unfit to practice veterinary medicine.

Since 1974, Dr. Koller has been charged with multiple cases of animal abuse, including biting, kicking, and choking, and many animals have died unexpectedly after receiving treatment in his clinics, apparently as the result of this physical abuse.

It is the responsibility of the Board to act in the best interest of Oregon citizens and their pets and prevent this man from allegedly continuing to harm and kill animals through his veterinary work. I urge you to revoke Dr. Koller’s license and permanently bar him from practicing veterinary medicine.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Geoff Stearns

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