Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Locked in Storage Unit

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Target: Samuel C. Arp II, Prosecuting Attorney of Lawrence County, Indiana

Goal: Justice for dogs allegedly locked in storage unit.

Eight adult dogs and nine puppies were seized by police in Lawrence County, Indiana in a locked storage unit, according to reports. Police and animal control were called to the scene when a man reported hearing dogs barking inside the unit. According to authorities one of the dogs was found injured and the rest were living in a confined space with no ventilation or air conditioning.

Police arrested 20 year-old Noah Dotts and charged him with cruelty to animals and torturing/mutilating an animal, in addition to possession of drugs. The conditions these dogs were reportedly kept in were deplorable, and there is no excuse for this kind of mistreatment of animals. Demand that the prosecuting attorney seeks the maximum sentence for his crimes, and ensure that others will think twice before subjecting any animal to this kind of treatment.


Dear Mr. Arp,

Mistreatment of animals is a horrible crime that should never go unpunished. In the case of Noah Dotts, more than a dozen dogs were allegedly found in unacceptable conditions, with one of them enduring serious injury at his hands.

Every time an animal cruelty case goes unpunished, it sends the message that these sort of crimes are okay, and they most certainly are not. If found guilty, Mr. Dotts should see the inside of a jail cell, and get the maximum sentence for his crimes. Send the message that animal cruelty in your county won’t go unpunished.


[ Your Name Here ]

Photo Credit: Aditya Oberai

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