Allow Trans Children the Right to Healthcare

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Target: Steven Haugaard, Speaker of the House, South Dakota House of Representatives

Goal: Don’t deny gender-affirming healthcare to transgender children.

Transgender children in South Dakota may soon be denied gender-affirming healthcare. This means that nurses and doctors who provide trans children with hormones or other transition-related care face felony charges and up to ten years in jail. This proposed law is unjust.

Not only will the bill punish doctors for providing gender-affirming care, it will allow doctors to perform surgery on intersex children, some as young as newborns. The health, both physical and mental, of these children is at risk. Young people should be allowed to make their own decisions when it comes to their body. Individuals in a capital building should not decide it for them.

Similar legislation is in the works in Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas, and Georgia. Sign the petition to oppose this hateful and neglectful bill. Demand that trans children be afforded the healthcare they need to live their lives as they wish.


Dear Representative Haugaard,

New legislation proposed by your government would deny transgender children their right to gender-affirming healthcare. Even teenagers who have made a decision on their gender identity will be denied hormones. Doctors and nurses face felony charges and a decade in prison for helping them.

This law would rob your state’s trans children of their right to healthcare. It would leave their mental and physical health up to a government body, when such identity decisions must be left to them and them alone. I demand that you reject this proposed legislation and give trans children in your state the right to gender-affirming healthcare.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: day donaldson

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