If you only knew how bad things really were.. . – Alan Sabrosky

Love is not love. Not all relationships pertain the same form of love. There are some expressions of love that are designed and only deemed appropriate for specific kinds of relationships. Love expressed through intimacy is reserved exclusively for the relationship that exists between a man and a woman. A man that loves his dog, children, friends, relatives and wife does not love them all in the same manner. Someone that cannot differentiate between the different forms of love suited for the various kinds of relationships is not mentally sound. Pursuing sex with your dog, relatives, children, or male friend while proclaiming ‘love is love’ is completely perverted and against nature and can only be the result of a diseased and confused individual. Using just about anything that breaths and has a pulse as a means to satisfy your sexual appetite is not love at all, but is actually a twisted kind of lust experienced by someone maladjusted and unhealthy. Some people claim that they are sexually attracted to trees and inanimate objects. Is this an example of love? Absolutely not. Using random things to achieve orgasm is not an example of love, but is simply emotionless sexual alleviation excited by bizarre fetishes. Love is when you experience pleasure in fulfilling the needs of someone else. These needs differ depending on the kind of relationship. Only a mans wife requires sexual attention. A man that believes he needs the same from another man however, needs therapy. ‘Love’ is now code for sexual perversion, pedophilia and debauchery. The word love, which once expressed an emanation of God, has been usurped by homosexuals and the LGBT community as a whole just like they cooped the rainbow which was once a godly symbol. Now it is a symbol of sodomy and filth. Infact, homosexuals completely stole the word “gay” too which has always simply meant happy. This was intentional because their argument from the very beginning was always that if something makes someone happy, then you should support it. Why is it a virtue to be unconditionally supportive of other peoples fetishes? Someone feeling happy isn’t enough of a reason to tolerate them. What exactly is it that makes them happy? This distinction really puts things into perspective. If some things are inherently beautiful, some things are inherently ugly. And there is nothing pretty about anything LGBT. Its pure ugliness.

For arguments sake, if animals do infact engage in homosexual activities in nature, we need to ask ourselves if that is natural. Occurring in nature and being natural are not the same thing. What I mean by this is that even though an organism is living, it must be up to design. Nature works in codes, every species is pre-programmed according to the blueprint of it’s DNA. Sometimes during manufacturing, something malfunctions and the product comes out flawed. Plants, and animals are no different.. Let’s say you are a farmer and your crop produces genetically mutated tomatoes. If that crop is sullied and is therefore perilous to consume, then clearly that crop violated its design, and can thus be considered atypical or abnormal. Yes, it technically occurred in nature, but genetic mutations as such are statistical outliers and are unnatural; for only an edible and genetically sound tomato can be deemed natural. As for humans, and animals, if they are born with genetic mutations of course this can be manifested both physically, and mentally. If you are born with defects that differ from the biological physical design of humans (i.e 5 fingers, 5 toes), or mental debilitation’s, that is by definition not natural. Yes, you can be born with a mental disorder, or severe physical deformity, but that is atypical and abnormal and thus not natural since it deviates from natures design and the default state of the species. The intention of nature is the survival and longevity of your species against all odds — which being attracted to the same sex makes no priority of. The far left is hollering that since 1500 species engage in alleged homosexual activity, that must mean homosexuality is a apart of natures design. That is completely false. Currently there are 1.2 million species of animals on this planet, and 1500 is a minuscule 0.00125% of that or 1 out of every 800. A portion of the animal kingdom that tiny is statistically insignificant and should be thought of as nothing more than an anomaly. If there are aberrations in humans, there can also be in animals. But sick people are pointing to sick animals to prove that their behavior is actually normal after all. Its a fallacy.

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Name me a famous male leader who wore makeup, with the intention in mind of behaving and portraying themselves as a woman, while even going as far as claiming that they are indeed just as much a woman as an actual biological woman who has the ability to bear children. Did these so called men of nobility also assert that ‘gender is a social construct’, and did they stress the notion of ‘gender fluidity’? More importantly, did these men insult, berate, and pathologize masculinity, power, and natural inborn male characteristics? No they did not. Are these people trying to convince me for instance, that if Pericles wore makeup, then that is equivalent to the maladjusted transgender freaks of today? There are facts, truths, and physical realities. Claiming everything is a social construct implies that eternal truths don’t exist, or moreover, that we cannot base our societies around eternal truths. The rejection of these unchangeable aspects of life IS the only social construct here. Gender is not a malleable concept, or an idea at all for that matter. Ideas are based off abstract thoughts that are relative to personal convictions or theories. There are biological truths. Opinions have no effect on these. See the difference between their argument, and mine, is mine isn’t an argument. Mine isn’t an opinion. I am expressing my RECOGNITION of an indisputable reality of nature. They are giving their opinion on the matter, which is simply disagreeing with an immutable reality.

I cannot in good conscience be involved with or support someone mutilating their own body. The alleviation of discomfort or anxiety at the expense of healthy body tissue is a mental disorder. A mental disorder requires therapy and treatment of the mind, and a physical disorder requires treatment of the body. A man believing he is a woman does not magically make him so. Woman and children are always prioritized in emergency situations. If a boat was sinking and a man pretending to be a woman demanded that he also be given a spot alongside woman and children simply because he ‘identifies’ as a woman, he would be thrown overboard and the political correctness surrounding this question would quickly be forgotten and replaced by our healthy instincts. Why does ‘having an open mind’ seem to mean not having an opinion on anything? Having an open mind does not mean having a complete tolerance of everything, but simply considering possibilities. It is unpractical to place a limit on possibility. But there being potential endless possibilities does not mean that there aren’t things which are evidently impossible. There is a default state and standard form to everything. Flaws and defects are not evidence that a ‘normal’ doesn’t exist. All life is based on a design. Believing that everything is relative and apart of some ‘spectrum’ does not make you enlightened at all, infact, it reduces you back to the level of a simple savage. By making judgments and determining the outcome of different behaviors and habits was man able to understand what works and what doesn’t thus elevating him above the status of a mindless beast.

“Is a woman just a baby factory to you”? Well without woman, humans as a species would cease to exist. Without men, the human species would cease to exist. The most masculine thing a man can be is a father, and the most feminine thing a woman can be is a mother. They are both part and partial to the continuation of our existence on this earth, unlike transgender people who are disposable and useless. Transgender people will never lead, captivate, or inspire intelligent people or the masses. The comparison of makeup being worn by transgender people in the modern age, and aristocratic nobility having worn it, is as not even comparable in the slightest degree and just goes to show how stupid people are, and their Jewish professors that are purveying such poison. We have always had an understanding and were able to portray the ideal masculine and feminine traits and qualities through art. The standard by which we measure masculinity and femininity and their inseparable characteristics, is not ‘social’ and malleable, but fixed and immutable. The Hellenistic idealism represented the ultimate masculine form through sculptures and art over 2000 years ago. This instinctual identification of what we consider beautiful, has not, and will not ever change. Ideals often relate to beauty, and what is beautiful aligns with what is healthy. Therefore the more someone improves their physical and mental state, the more attractive they will appear to other people. And from an evolutionary perspective this makes complete sense. The most desirable mates will always be those who are the most fit and strong, since they will have a higher chance of producing healthy children. So if health isn’t relative, beauty cant be either. Like everything in nature, there is design which if followed and gone perfectly to plan, will produce the organismal paragon or intended specimen with all its rights, essential capabilities & functions. This natural model for all life forms, is unfortunately not perfect, and malfunctions and sways from its design from time to time. This is when the defects or ‘spillage’ occurs, just like in manufacturing. All producers need to account for the cost of spillage, because they know it is an unfortunate inevitability, but are also reassured that they make up an insignificant % of production, unless something terribly wrong has occurred. The defective items or merchandise is obviously not sold to the public or passed off as what the company intended to create through its design, nor is it advertised to the public as such. Transgender people are a human defect, or in other words, needless human spillage that is the result of the infallibility of nature. They are literally human garbage. Why is the fact that they are merely “expressing themselves” related to “beauty”? There are many forms of expression, most of which are repelling and revolting — just like this form here. People cannot even discern beauty from ugliness anymore. The words ‘model’ and ‘ideal’ have taken on entirely new meanings that are subjective to the individual and their own sensitivities. If I take a massive dump on the floor, and flick a few sprinkles on it, would you consider it ‘art’ if my ‘well being’ and emotional state was dependent on your approval? Would you dare to offend me by telling me the truth? They were not representing aspects of masculinity, but rather characteristics of the nobility of that period, who decorated themselves with ornaments, and who dressed in attire deemed to be luxurious & exclusive . The way that they dressed up was intended to depict their social status & class, not their take on what ideal forms of masculinity or femininity are supposed to look like. Makeup, like many other special privileges only attainable by the wealthy of that time, was scarce and expensive — it wasn’t available to the common folk. Do you know what else wasn’t accessible to the masses? Adequate and balanced diets. Being fat was once a symbol of riches and power, for only those with excess were able to indulge in feasts and attend sumptuous dinner parties. Is being overweight an element of beauty? Is being obese the standard? Is it what people desire, or fantasize about? Is it ideal? Absolutely not. Well, for anyone with a sound mind and honest character, it isn’t. A fat man prancing around, caked in makeup while simultaneously claiming that he is somehow masculine, and that our current conception of beauty is ‘bigoted’, ‘ignorant’ or an ‘old relic’, is a mockery, assault, and a disgrace to real beauty & nature. So what is masculine? Warriors, fathers, heroes.. brave, courageous, and valiant men.. men with virtue, integrity, and a sense of sacrifice for his family, people, and nation.. that is what masculinity is.. Defying death, enduring struggle, suffering so his children may prosper, but through their development, is able to live on through them, both vicariously while still on this earth this earth, but also spiritually long after he has departed. Marcus Aurelius had it right. Masculinity is most accurately described by his Stoic philosophy. However the ideas presented by him, were just recorded observations of what was already the case. Masculinity is innate, it is biological. It is inscribed by nature, and appreciation and being impressed by pure and unadulterated masculinity is eternal: it cannot be revised, changed, or considered a ‘social construct’, for it lives with man, and it dies with him too.

Exalting your deficiencies and defects as if this somehow changes them, making them ‘right’; boasting about your shortcomings and ‘differences’ like it guarantees you a special status over what you actually are: a cockroach; embracing your failures as if they are really accomplishments demonstrates the weakest of character and the most pathetic state of existence humanly possible. Recognize failure, and improve. Otherwise you remain indefinitely in a alternative reality based on self deception and hindrance. Nothing is worse than bad advice, except bad advice passed off as being ‘beneficial’. It is impossible to progress when you are constantly being told what you want to hear, instead of the cold hard truth. Glorifying weakness is a rebellion against idealism, and a mockery of man in his ultimate form. We know what is beautiful, we are able to identify it immediately. Stop lying to yourself and mature before you wake up one day and realize how much of a fool you have been by idolizing even greater idiots, or even worse, die ignorant. Brutal honesty wins over sugar coated platitudes. There are few things that irk me more than saccharine spiels about how wonderful it is to be repugnantly ‘unique’. Are you triggered yet? Good, now we are getting somewhere. Learn to take criticism. Take it from me, someone that has been on the receiving end of bad advice his entire life. Anyone that encourages underachievement is not your friend, but is on the contrary, your enemy.

Their personalities are vapid and dismal for they fixate on their own and others flaws, and absolutely hate anything perceived as healthy, structured, ideal or natural. Their imperfections become their identity, and they wear these unpleasant features and quirks as a badge of honor. Their existence revolves around these undesirable traits. They praise their inadequacies as something to be proud of or wished for. They yearn for attention, dressing up and behaving in all sorts of erratic and absurd ways, which ever turns the most heads, and not for reasons of being impressed.. They need constant reinforcement and guarantees, or their entire artificially prompt up state of bliss crumbles in a miserable manner. They are not content with themselves, alone and isolated they wallow. Which is why they feed on the sympathies of others disguised as compliments and encouragement. They have no place, so they make one by acting ridiculous. There is nothing more laughable and depressing than aspiring to be known for sordid characteristics and actions. They strive for subversion, and sell their filth as strength. This is what happens when passive and overly sentimental morons enable horrifying creatures & dregs to continue embarrassing themselves in what is seemingly an endless mental breakdown on display, for all to gawk and be blinded by. They are not strong, because the slightest bit of honesty sends their brains into a panic since they have been coddled and shielded their whole lives and therefore have been kept from anything that would actually make them ‘strong’. They have come up with a clever and cheap way to stifle honesty, dissent, or opposition, and that is, by branding it as ‘hate speech’. This enables them to remain in their bubble undisturbed. This Jewish plagued society is producing an endless hoard of ignorant, mindless, incompetent limp wristed sissies, that fear any struggle and attack any hardship as being a form of oppression, when little do they know being thrown into the wolves and coming out alive is what really builds strength, and not cowering under a blanket hyperventilating while repeating self help mantras instructed to them by their kike gender studies ‘professor’. Anything that defiles or takes away from the sanctity of the bond that exists between MAN and WOMAN ought to be rejected and chastised. Anything that defies natures laws must be met with condemnation and scorn. The righteous and intelligent will recognize the individually distinctive and beautiful, yet harmoniously binding & spiritual, masculine and feminine. We will acknowledge this eternal and everlasting duo of nature that was cherished and appreciated by certain ancients that demand our memory and respect. The downwards pointed chalice: the symbol of water, and the womb — an ancient symbol of female divinity and life itself. The upwards pointing blade: the symbolic depiction of rising up, male force, and fire.

Our entire schooling system is a giant propaganda machine that has replaced education with indoctrination. All universities are oozing with Marxism and inculcate into the minds of students a doctrine that expresses hatred for everything pure. Your eldest daughter will enter University as a healthy and disciplined young woman, but by the time she graduates she will have shortened & died her hair some kind of bright and distasteful color and developed a fervent contempt for the so-called ‘patriarchy’. Your little boy just starting first grade, will have invited to his class a bunch of homosexual drag-queens to read stories about unconventional families, mostly involving two men and their adopted African son. He will be taught that being gay or cross dressing is one of the most empowering and praiseworthy things to be / do. They will tell him that having a penis doesn’t actually make him a boy, and that gender in itself is actually socially contrived with there being unlimited ‘gender identities’ that he can pick and choose from — like a game. Then your boy will be told that its unique and different to wear a dress, and that we should make an effort ‘abandon gender stereotypes’ because they are ‘ deeply oppressive’. After being implored to play with dolls as a way to explore himself, it will then be suggested to him that he might be confused about his sexual identity, even though he is only 6 years old. If then, he comes home and declares himself a girl as a result of all of this preconditioning, you as a parent will have no legal authority in trying to influence his decision, but apparently cross-dressing strangers and leftist guidance counselors, do. If, however, you should successfully revert your child’s decision and he arrives at school the following week wearing clothing suited for a young boy, it will be interpreted as a sign of abuse, and social services will come and take him away from you after being notified. While in the custody of the ‘caring & compassionate’ government workers, the previous progress you made will be sabotaged as your son is re-affirmed as a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Instead of preserving his innocence and enjoying his childhood, he will then against your wishes be put on a path of state subsidized gender reassignment where he will be counseled and put on hormones, all because transgender pedophiles were given access to his impressionable mind while in school. During this entire process, you are forced to sit idly and witness the destruction of your little boy while feeling like your heart is being torn from your chest. The full consequences of this transformation will only be known a decade or so later, after you come home to a suicide note and find your once healthy and happy boy, dangling from the ceiling with a noose tied around his neck. With your eldest daughter parading around the streets shirtless while decrying ‘oppression’ due her having acquired no useful skills while being enrolled in her Gender Studies program, and your boy having committed suicide, you at least find comfort in knowing that your second daughter has been spared. While going through the checkout at the supermarket, she grabs an issue of “Teen Vogue” which is marketed towards 12–15-year old’s, and asks if she can add it to the other items. From the seemingly innocuous cover, you allow it. But little do you know, that what would have previously been expected to contain age appropriate and clean content, there exists an entire illustrative guide on how to perform anal sex, plus a nice hefty article promoting “sex work” as a real, legitimate profession. Your 14-year-old daughter now finds it liberating to experiment with her sexuality by having premarital sex with her entire school’s football team, as a form of spiteful rebellion against you as a father since you are a ‘white male’. Your daughter now has the nickname ‘anal girl’. This may seem like hyperbole, but it’s not. It accurately describes the gravity of the current situation. To a leftist reading this, it may seem like there is no moral to this story, because they have no morals. After all, that is exactly what ‘complete tolerance’ means. Things must change.

Progressivism and demoralization are synonymous. I have realized that there is actually nothing these people will not seek to reverse, reject, and destroy. Nothing is off limits. The only thing that qualifies a certain custom to be tarnished and classified as outmoded or ‘unjust’, is it having previously existed — and believe me when I say, that nothing is safe. All previous societal prohibitions will eventually be openly accepted and be given their own month of recognition. The mentally insane, predators, and the unstable are all being granted their own ‘civil rights’ movement, when everything they stand for serves as a threat to anything civil. EVERYTHING is, and will continue to be, turned upside down. The deranged and the ill, despite the fact that they pose a danger to functional societies, are now being confused with the victims that they prey on. Since ill-intended individuals just so happened to be ‘born’ in a way that naturally causes them to be alienated from healthy families, Jews are now trying to convince us to misplace our sympathies away from the innocent, and to grant homosexuals access to children as a form of reconciliation. But ‘these people didn’t choose to be born that way’ they will tell you. Well neither do pedophiles, serial rapists, and cold-blooded killers. Tolerance must never be had for people simply because of the notion that ‘people have no control over the way they are born’, but should be exercised according to the risk, impact and influence they have on society. I am not going to respect something for simply existing. The beginning of the end has long since passed. Oppose this, or one day your child will have an openly pedophilic, communist state mandated nanny that fondles your child all in the name of ‘affection & love’ while you are slaving away for a mere pittance, all to end your evening in a squalid communal living shit hole surrounded by transgender members of ANTIFA, where you will then cook up part of your weekly rations of soy based gruel. This is what progressivism really is. Hate speech = heresy .

The definition of drag queens describes them as “performance artists, almost always male, who dress in women’s clothing and often act with exaggerated femininity and in feminine gender roles”. Is it not misogynistic for a man to dress up as a woman in a mocking display of femininity? How is it that when a natural woman prefers to wear clothing intended to highlight her female features, she is fueling the ‘patriarchy’ and the male interpretation of what it means to be a woman, but when a man decides to depict woman in the most derogatory manner, its socially appropriate and tolerated? ‘Gender stereotypes’ are considered offensive to these people, yet when a drag-queen decides impersonate a woman in the most mocking way possible, he chooses womanly attire designed to accentuate femininity, grows his hair, and layers his face with makeup. Or In other words, for him to feel like he is indeed a woman, he presents himself as the most extreme representation of what these ‘progressives’ would normally deem as stereotypical. If it is stereotypical, then why does a man have to wear certain clothes and behave in a specific manner for him to be assured in how convincing his female get-up is? If a boy is considered to be potentially homosexual due to him having chosen to play with a doll which according to the left, is an indication of him actually being a ‘girl trapped inside a boys body’, then is that not a contradiction of their notion that the distinctions found between the two sexes are not innate, but socially contrived? They continually assert that these ‘stereotypes’ don’t actually have any significance. That boy can play with a girls toy, and vice versa. If what they are saying is true, then how does a boy acting feminine mean he is actually the opposite gender? Their logic is completely flawed. If the early signs and signals of someone being homosexual revolve around them preferring clothing or toys typically designed for girls, then that in itself is proof that these so called ‘gender stereotypes’ are actually based on natural preferences found within the sexes. Woman will decry the patriarchy and demand to also be considered for positions of power even if the concept of ‘equality of outcome’ has to be enforced, but will also support transgenderism which enables men to fill those spots reserved for woman if they simply claim to be one. Its hysterical. So will it be a ‘matriarchy’ if all those holding executive positions are men identifying as woman?

Not everyone is going to agree with the truth, and will sometimes get defensive. Does that mean we should suppress information to cater to the feelings of others? If people cant tolerate and crumble in the face of natural, expected and oftentimes warranted criticism or derision, they are not fit for this world. They are pitiful. If we were to censor any kind of speech that could potentially offend people there would be no language. Struggle is the precondition of evolution and if we are to the point where words are enough to cause a generation to fold, its safe to say that the society responsible for enforcing these ‘hate speech’ policies days are numbered. We will not stand for the criminalization of emotions. What it really is, is the prohibition of disagreement. Do not obey, do not submit. Defy them. Do not capitulate. Stand your ground. Maintain your position and double down. Unmitigated tolerance is just as bad as boundless suppression. Except those preaching tolerance are infact the most intolerant of all: they advocate for a negligible percentage of the population, while screaming bloody murder and calling for the censorship of those in which they disagree. Just because a certain faction of a society is a minority, does not mean that what they do or stand for is commendable, noble, healthy, or beneficial to the rest of the people as a whole. The majority does not conform to the few. The rights of the individual do not supersede the right of the many. The left has worked their magic by creating a useful twist on logic itself with their notion that ‘you cannot discriminate against a majority’. You certainly can when the interests of the majority are no longer represented. The nation in its racial substance, religious beliefs and sexuality determines what kind of civilization that nation will encompass — or even if what stands can even be designated as such. To make criticism of those things — which really make up the entire culture — impossible, only guarantees the reformation or better yet, destruction of that culture even against the will of the great majority of people. Dissent of changes to things has successfully been made illegal.

“Herbert Marcuse established the term ‘liberating tolerance.’ He simply claimed that revolutionary minorities are in possession of the truth and that it is therefore their duty to liberate the majority from their fallacious views. Thus the revolutionary minorities have the right to suppress rival and supposedly harmful opinions. In addition, Marcuse also permitted the use of violence by this revolutionary minority. He legitimized this use of force as ‘defensive.’ It isn’t the beginning of a new chain of violence, he claimed, but the attempt to break an existing one.”

Now imagine if our bodies natural defenses were restricted or even completely prevented from ensuring that harmful pathogens don’t get the better of us. Imagine an immune system that has been rendered completely ineffectual. “Hate speech” laws are to society what HIV is to our bodies. Intolerance is just another word for morality. Is nature intolerant for creating distinctive differences between men and woman? The left has an intolerance for anything civilized and healthy. Us, unlike them, are shrewd enough to to see that the LGBT movement is a clear path to pedophilia normalization. They are the useful idiots of predators. Why do our immune systems attack pathogens and rid our bodies of poison? It is a natural defense. A society is a living organism and we are the white blood cells. Our bodies reject a great many things that cause it harm, therefore we must have the same approach towards society. With the current policies on hate speech, the peaceful mechanism for preserving western civilization, namely opposing those who strive to undermine it with the spoken word, has been disabled. There is a difference between criticizing behavior and choices, and criticizing things that are unchangeable. But even in the case of things that are unchangeable, we have evaluate the effect of those things and conclude if what they represent is natural or acceptable. Forcing people to accept the decisions of others, or coercing people to support or respect something because it simply exists, is complete nonsense. INTOLERANCE IS THE ESSENCE OF MORALITY. However, today when people are confronted with that word they interpret its meaning as the repudiation of everything. No, this is a stupid interpretation and is totally wrong. I agree with certain things, and I disagree with others. Its really a simple concept. And obviously those things that I disagree with might be supported by another group of people. But because these people might constitute a ‘minority’ they are defended by progressives irrespective of the impact they have on society or what the nature of there actual beliefs are. This, is insane. If somebody has the right to have parades, why cant we have protests? The only protests being permitted are those which decry our wish to express our own points of view. Just because a group of people is a minority, doesn’t mean that what they stand for is healthy or righteous at all. On the contrary, being a minority can in many cases be indicative of wickedness or peculiarity. I will not cater to the most fringe and deranged elements of society. The left only has power because people react to their labels and slander. People cower when smeared, and attempt to explain what they really meant, when accused. They fear their buzzwords, and in turn, fuel their strength. Why do people feel shame when attacked by the shameless? By responding negatively to them branding you with every ‘ism’ imaginable, you are giving their words effect. As soon as their campaigns of ousting and defamation are interpreted as a symptom of their disturbance and hence your progress, and not something disabling, your newly acquired mental immunity and spiritual resilience makes you invincible to their verbal assault. The more they unload their vitriolic trash in an effort to taint the names of those speaking the truth, the more battle scars are amassed by the fighters of justice which will eventually make victory taste that much sweeter when determination pays off. What I consider to be of great significance and that which most people have overlooked is the fact that gradually the priority or even desire to have a family is transforming into something exclusively right-wing. Here we see natures method of cleansing the earth of that which stands in stark contrast to her laws: the Marxist ideology. The almighty is on our side. Of all of the different justifications that people have propagated for us to renounce having children and raising a family, all it has done is convince those who are hostile to family values to abandon the idea thus isolating those with right-wing views as the only people who have an interest in it. Those who most closely align with natures laws will always be under her aegis. We will inherit the earth. They didn’t really think this through, did they? Again, anyone familiar with their rhetoric will not find this surprising. Patience is a virtue.

Right v.s Left

Loyalty v.s Betrayal

Competition v.s Nurturing failure

Leadership v.s Mob Rule

Dignity v.s Immorality

Honor v.s Shame

Respect v.s Insubordination

Strength & Power v.s Weakness & inferiority

Idealism v.s Relativism

Humility v.s Egoism

Life v.s Sterility

Truth v.s Lies

Beauty v.s Ugliness

Grace v.s Vulgarity

Order v.s Chaos

Spirituality v.s Materialism

Temperance v.s Addiction

Love v.s Hate

Appreciation v.s Entitlement

Light v.s Darkness

Preservation v.s Disintegration

Reason v.s Insanity

Responsibility v.s Unaccountability

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