Someone Special – CROSSIN(G)ENRES

Save me from tears…

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Alvin stopped dead in the middle of the mall, Christmas songs and lights swirling around him. All he could see, his vision a tight focus, was Greg kissing someone — who was not Alvin! — under the mistletoe beside Santa’s snowy village.

He must have made a sound, because Greg looked up, his eyes wide. Alvin couldn’t even. He spun and left, walking so fast he had to duck and dodge around holiday shoppers. Greg’s voice chased after him, “Alvin!”


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Chris pulled Alvin close, swaying to the strains of Bing Crosby singing about a white Christmas. All around them, other couples moved to the music as lights twinkled and joy and peace reigned.

As the song ended, Chris took a step back, his hands reluctantly sliding away. “I’ll get us some eggnog?”

Alvin smiled. “That sounds wonderful.”

As Chris walked away, Alvin wandered toward a nearby empty table. His eye caught a familiar profile in the crowd and he missed a step, nearly falling, and catching himself on a chair back.

Shit. Maybe he wouldn’t see Alvin.

No such luck. “Alvin!” Greg stepped around a couple of people to stand in front of Alvin. “How long has it been? You look good.”

“A year.” Alvin couldn’t keep the glare off his face. He really didn’t want to have this conversation now. Or ever.

“How have you been?” Greg seemed oblivious to the iciness radiating off Alvin.

“I should probably thank you.” Alvin tightened his fingers on the back of the chair he still gripped.

Greg’s brow furrowed slightly. “For what?”

Alvin smiled, showing his teeth. “If I hadn’t caught you cheating, I may not have met Chris.”

Greg sighed. “I told you, Alvin. It was only a kiss.”

Angry tears pricking his eyes, Alvin raised his chin. “My God, Greg. A kiss is still cheating. And it was the day after we agreed to be exclusive.” He swallowed hard. “I really thought you were someone special, someone I could rely on. I was a fool.”

“Alvin? Everything all right?” Chris stepped up beside Alvin, setting two glasses of eggnog on the table so he could slip an arm around Alvin’s waist.

Alvin leaned into Chris’ embrace. “Now that you’re here, yes. Greg was just leaving. Bye, Greg.”

Greg looked like he wanted to say something, but he thought better of it, and just said, “Merry Christmas, Alvin,” and walked away.

Alvin turned in Chris’ arms to face him. “Greg who? You’re my someone special.”

Their lips met and everything else faded away.


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