I Knew My Relationship Wasn’t Right – Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Reflecting back on the signs that I knew it wasn’t right with my ex… It was a bunch of different thoughts and feelings. I wasn’t self-aware enough either at the time so that was probably a big deal. I also knew we were different in a lot of ways. I thought we could stay together despite our differences, but I think the differences were too big.

  • She loved drinking and partying and I was the opposite
  • I forced myself to like the things she liked (red flag)
  • We had different core beliefs and values
  • When she broke up with me, I felt a big sense of relief. It was light a weight lifted off of my shoulders, even though it hurt that we ended

I can’t really explain it, but it was just a feeling inside. I resisted and tried to make things work even though we fought all the time. I didn’t know what a healthy relationship was meant to be like, I just went along with what she liked in life. I think ultimately it went against who I was inside.

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My gut feeling gently nudged me, by the end of it however I think my gut feeling was screaming at me. “This isn’t right! Why are you still here?” I stayed because I was scared of being alone. I really didn’t like myself, I felt confused about my sexuality and was an anxious mess. I clung on to my ex for dear life because I didn’t know who I was.

The lyrics in Landslide by Fleetwood Mac sum it up nicely:

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