Top 10 Male Nude Scenes Of 2019

MrMan‘s Top 10 Male Nude Scenes of 2019 are here, many of them are queer, but either way, we’ll never get used to it.

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These are the shocking scenes that rocked 2019. We’re talking everything from Zac Efron’s head-turning serial-killer cavity search (found it!) in his role as Ted Bundy, to the flopping high school locker room penises that heralded the arrival of new star Jacob Elordi in Euphoria. We’ll miss ya, twenty-ninePEEN! 

In reverse order:

(10) Orlando Bloom in Carnival Row

The superstar graduated from nude paddle boarding with Katy Perry to showing his ageless ass on the new series Carnival Row during a wild sex scene with Cara Delevingne.


(9) Taron Egerton & Richard Madden in Rocketman

The Elton John biopic Rocketman easily brought the most anticipated gay scene of 2019. This musical’s R-rating gave gorgeous stars Taron and Richard the chance to say “Goodbye, Yellow Dick Loads!” during a passionate gay sex scene.


(8) Nick Clifford in GLOW

Audiences fell hard for Nick Clifford in 2019. This truly adorable actor has all-American good looks, and gave us a good look at his untrimmed package during this lengthy full frontal scene.

(7) Zac Efron in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Disney alum Zac Efron brought his beefy body to the role of Ted Bundy, and wasn’t afraid to strip nude for a prison cavity search —giving us a great look at his super sculpted butt in the process. Just like this prison guard, let’s give Zac a hand!


(6) Michael Luwoye in She’s Gotta Have It

For this Spike Lee joint, Michael so convincingly thrusts his ripped ass during sex that it’s hard to believe he’s not really doing it!


(5) Brian Jordan Alvarez & Ryan O’Connell in Special

In this groundbreaking series creator O’Connell takes cues from his real life by playing a gay man thriving with cerebral palsy. In one extremely realistic gay sex scene, a prostitute played by Alvarez coaches O’Connell through his first bottoming experience.

(4) Billy Porter & Dyllon Burnside in Pose

Live! Work! Ass! Another groundbreaking series, Pose, broke some zippers when living legend Billy Porter and adorable jock Dyllon Burnside went nude to have gay sex. Ryan Murphy knows his audience!

(3) Charlie Barnett & Murray Bartlett in Tales of the City

This sex scene is about as close as two actors can get to doing it without really doing it! Charlie Barnett ferociously tops hungry bottom Murray Bartlett and cums in his ass as Bartlett groans with delight. Is it hot in here?


(2) Christophe de Coster in Vida

Season two of Vida had a shocking first episode with a wild orgy, but all eyes were on beautiful bystander Christophe de Coster, who let his impressive uncut penis hang out while wearing a shirt with no pants. Winnie the Pooh is shaking!

(1) Jacob Elordi & Naked Extras in Euphoria

Is it any surprise that this infamous scene is the hottest of the year? The new gold standard for high school locker room scenes features twenty-one amazing penises, which 2019 breakout hunk Jacob Elordi can’t keep his eyes off of. Don’t blame yam gurl! 

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