Coming soon: the ‘International Male’ documentary you never knew you needed

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For gay men who came of age before the turn of the millennium,

the International Male catalogue holds a special place in their memory.

Glossy, risqué, and as trashy as it was alluring, it was
more than just a way to order mail-order clothes – it was a cultural
touchstone. The items they sold might have been more than a little tacky
(pirate shirt, anyone?), but the men who were modeling them for us were enough
to stir any young gay-curious boy’s imagination in the way that leaves a lasting

The company behind this little gem of gay history disappeared
along with the 20th century, and we’ve moved on – there’s internet
porn now, after all. Still, though International Male is gone, but the fond
memories linger. A trio of filmmakers is counting on those memories – they aim
to make a documentary telling the story behind the iconic queer catalogue, and they’re
asking for your help to do it.

According to their fundraising pitch
on the Film Collaborative website
, the film will be, “The
story behind the iconic International Male fashion catalog that transformed the
‘All-American Boy,’ changing fashion, masculinity, and gay rights forever.”

They offer the following synopsis:

“More than outrageous fashions, hunky models,
and scandalous undies, ALL MAN is a journey across three decades of the
International Male catalog’s lasting impact on fashion, masculinity, and gay

With revenues at its peak of $120 million and circulation of
over 3 million, the catalog successfully appealed to both gay and straight
audiences. For gay men, the images of sensually dressed men were a gateway into
a fantasy world providing an escape from the AIDS crisis and widespread
homophobia. For straight men and their female admirers, the catalog gave
permission to take fashion risks and enjoy a more carefree expression of
sexuality without threatening their masculinity and sexual appeal.

ALL MAN: The International Male Story is designed as a tribute
to the catalog’s unique aesthetic and cultural relevance. The film mixes
exclusive never-seen-before photographs and videos, interviews with super fans
and celebrities, and creative re-enactments of the infamous photo shoots, and

The movie’s directors are Bryan Darling and
Jesse Finley Reed, with Peter Jones as producer. According to the film’s Facebook
, Jake Shears is set to appear in it, along with Carson
Kressley, Brian Buzzini, David Knight, Steve Lyon, Robert Goold.

You can donate through the Film
Collaborative page

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