What do minor parties’ manifestos say about trans/LGBT rights?

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Only parties with at least 2 candidates standing in Great Britain are included. Be warned that many of these manifestos contain overt homophobia and/or transphobia.

UKIP (44 candidates)

  • “UKIP will remove subjects from the statutory National Curriculum which seek to indoctrinate children with politically correct ideologies, specifically Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Citizenship. We will maintain parents’ right to remove their children from these lessons.”
  • “UKIP opposes the confusing and non-scientific gender ideology currently being introduced into schools and will repeal the law responsible for the implementation of ‘LGBT-inclusive’ Relationships Education in primary schools and RSE, due to be made compulsory from September 2020.”
  • “Adoption and fostering should ideally be with married couples. We will repeal the law which forced Catholic and other Christian and faith-based adoption agencies to close for holding to their faith and traditional family values. We will encourage them to re-open.”
  • “Medical interventions for children under 18 associated with gender reassignment will be banned. This includes puberty-blocking hormones, cross-sex hormones and surgical interventions for gender reassignment.”
  • “UKIP will repeal the Equality Act 2010, which effectively gives special rights and privileges to certain groups with ‘protected characteristics’.”
  • “UKIP rejects any moves for new laws to make gender a self-declared condition. Gender is not different to biological sex. There are two sexes — male and female — determined by anatomy and chromosomes.”
  • “We will repeal ‘hate speech’ guidelines that go well beyond a ban on incitement to violence and seek to criminalise speech and expression according to subjective criteria such as that it is ‘offensive’ or ‘disturbing’, etc.”

Christian Peoples Alliance (27 candidates)

  • “Schools must not be able to take action against teachers who support real marriage and neither should any employer, government or otherwise, be able to take action such discriminatory action on this basis.”
  • “Legislation to require that couples who apply for adoption are married and of the opposite sex.”
  • “We will seek to re-address the injustice done as a result of the Sexual Orientation Regulations (2007), where Catholic and other adoption agencies, who could not in conscience or best judgement place children with same-sex parents, were forced to close.”
  • “We will make it strictly illegal to provide or perform any kind of gender reassignment treatment or surgery on children under 18 years of age. We will also make it a policy not to fund or make available any kind of gender reassignment treatment or surgery on the NHS for adults.”
  • “We will, however, provide free therapy and counselling for those suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’ to help live a fulfilling life in their natural identity based on their God-given biological sex. Similarly, people should be free to obtain counselling of whatever kind they choose (faith-based or otherwise) to deal with, and overcome, unwanted same-sex attraction.”
  • “The decision by the British Parliament to make Relationships Education (primary) and Relationships and Sex Education (secondary) compulsory, and take away the parent’s right of withdrawal, constitutes a serious violation of parents’ human rights and is also highly questionable under international human rights law.”
  • “An official state ideology is currently being imposed on our children (secular liberal LGBT based) which is stifling freedom of thought, critical enquiry and expression, whilst undermining parental rights.”

Scottish Greens (22 candidates)

  • “We believe that LGBT+ rights must be both protected and extended. The law must continue to protect LGBT+ and disabled people from discrimination by ensuring the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter are enshrined in UK and Scottish law.”
  • “To create a society that is accepting and welcomes LGBT+ people, we will ensure that tolerance and acceptance are part of the curriculum and cultural fabric of our nation.”
  • “We stand in solidarity with trans and non-binary siblings who continue to face institutional and societal discrimination. We support reform of gender recognition legislation and procedures, in line with international best standards, giving trans people the protection and dignity they deserve.”

Renew (4 candidates)

  • “Continuing to support LGBTQ+ rights”

English Democrats (4 candidates)

  • “The English Democrats favour the promotion of marital families, consisting of mother, father and children, as the preferred building block of our society.”

Scottish Family Party (2 candidates)

  • “Teaching children that they can choose their gender is harmful. Steering children and young people towards puberty-blocking drugs and sex reassignment surgery is irresponsible.”
  • “The SFP does not support the use of NHS resources for any fertility related treatment apart from for a man and woman in a long term stable relationship. There must be an intention of being brought up by a mother and father.”
  • “Preference should be given to married couples, man and wife, in fostering and adoption decisions.”
  • “Civility and tolerance should be shown to all, and bullying in school and criminal activity targeting LGBT people should be dealt with vigorously. However, promoting a certain philosophy of sex and relationships and denying alternative views is not necessary to combat bullying.”
  • “From high schools onward, open discussion should be facilitated about the correlations between homosexual relationships and physical and mental health problems, and relational instability.”
  • “The philosophy of gender and sexuality fluidity is dangerous to young people, leading to confusion and unhelpful experimentation. Parents should have a strong voice in determining how these issues are approached in schools.”
  • “The Equality Act’s section on “harassment” should be repealed. Again, “offence” should not be a matter for the law, nor should such vague concepts as “violating your dignity.” The Equality Act has led to many injustices and serves to enforce a political philosophy by threat of legal consequence.”
  • “Those who believe that changing sex is impossible and that changing gender is not the best way to respond to gender dysphoria should be free to articulate these beliefs.”
  • “The views that Same Sex Marriage is invalid and that homosexual sexual activity is immoral should be respected and those holding them should be free to express them and act on them without fear of discrimination.”
  • “People experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction should be free to seek counselling as they seek to fulfil their life vision, which may involve moving to a heterosexual relationship in the future. Moves to prevent such support are ideologically driven and an attack on individual freedom.”

No relevant policies in manifesto

  • Yorkshire Party (28 candidates)
  • Liberal Party (19 candidates)
  • Libertarian Party (5 candidates)
  • Workers Revolutionary Party (4 candidates)
  • The Independent Group for Change (3 candidates)
  • Young People’s Party (3 candidates)
  • Communities United Party (2 candidates)
  • British National Party (2 candidates)
  • North East Party (2 candidates)
  • Christian Party (2 candidates)
  • Veterans and People’s Party (2 candidates)
  • Peace Party (2 candidates)

No 2019 manifesto found

  • Monster Raving Loony Party (24 candidates)
  • SDP (20 candidates)
  • Liberal Party (19 candidates)
  • Animal Welfare Party (6 candidates)
  • Advance Together (5 candidates)
  • Women’s Equality Party (3 candidates)
  • Gwlad Gwlad (3 candidates)
  • Justice and Anti-Corruption Party (3 candidates)
  • Alliance for Green Socialism (3 candidates)
  • Socialist Party of Great Britain (2 candidates)
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