Investigate Origin of Polar Bear Spray-Painted “T-34”

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Target: Sergei Anopriyenko, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment in Russia

Goal: Investigate the cruel spray painting of a polar bear in the arctic.

A polar bear was spray painted with the name of an iconic Soviet tank, causing concern among arctic researchers and animal welfare activists. This marking could bring serious long-term consequences for the bear. Demand a full investigation into this cruel act.

“The black writing will most likely mean problems with hunting for the bear,” stated Anatoly Kochnev, senior researcher at the Mammal Ecology laboratory at the Institute of Biological Problems of the North. He called upon other researchers for help after a video was uploaded in Russia’s Chukotka showing the spray-painted bear alongside the audio of two men discussing the markings, which they did not at first understand. The men talk of how dirty the bear is and then begin using Russian expletives once they realize that the markings read “T-34,” the name of a well-known Soviet tank. The accuracy of the writing indicates that the bear likely had to be sedated for an extended period of time.

The time and place of the video’s recording is still uncertain and arctic researchers are asking for further investigation to ensure the safety of this animal and others who may be the victim of similar actions. Sign below and demand a full investigation into this act of animal cruelty.


Dear Minister Anopriyenko,

A video showing a polar bear spray painted with the word “T-34” has gone viral in Russia, causing many to express concern about this animal’s welfare. While some may see this as a joke or a simple act of vandalism, this is a much more serious situation for the bear. Polar bears must be able to blend into their surroundings in order to obtain food and avoid poachers. This bear can do neither of those things successfully while marked in this way and could suffer starvation or death.

It is unclear who is responsible for this act and a full investigation has yet to take place. I demand that you seek out the origin of this video and take action, as merited, to penalize those behind this act of animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sergey Kavry

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