Don’t Label Fossil Fuels as “Green”

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Target: David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament

Goal: Stop oil and gas companies from labeling their fuels as sustainable.

New rules for green energy in Europe are under attack from oil and gas lobbyists. Nearly 50 of Europe’s largest investors are funding intensive lobbying efforts to have natural gas classified as a green product. This lobbying would undermine efforts to shift to carbon-neutral, sustainable, and ethical fuels and energy sources, while deceiving the public about their negative effects.

New European Union laws on ‘green taxonomy’ would require companies to label their products and services to accurately describe their environmental significance and impact. These laws would serve to prevent ‘greenwashing,’ a practice in which unsustainable or harmful products are made to appear more environmentally-friendly than they actually are. Greenwashing has become a significant problem in the developed world in recent years, with many companies eager to cash in on public sentiment favorable to environmentally responsible policies, while offering little real change.

Green taxonomy regulations would require energy companies to be honest about the harmful effects of producing and burning products like natural gas which, while less damaging than petroleum, produces huge amounts of carbon and damages natural habitats. The European Union must not allow these destructive companies to lie about the true consequences of using their harmful fuels, and big business cannot be allowed to stop the democracies of Europe from building a safe, green future. Sign below to demand that the European Parliament ignore the lobbying of gas companies and work to create laws that help ordinary people and the Earth.


Dear Mr. Sassoli,

Oil and gas companies have spent €251 million over the last nine years in an effort to discredit the reality of climate change and to derail efforts to effect positive change for future generations. Now they are turning these efforts to having their destructive products labelled as safe in a clear violation of the intent of the EU’s new green taxonomy laws and with blatant disregard for the health of the environment and of European peoples.

We demand that these companies be held to account and their products labelled as exactly what they are: carbon-producing, unsustainable, and harmful to health, safety, water, and air. We urge you to exercise your authority as President of the European Parliament to bar the activities of oil and gas companies and to urge your fellow members of European Parliament to vote in accordance with the best scientific findings to date, and not with those companies who would attempt to deceive the people of the European Union into accepting harmful energy sources.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: European Parliament

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