After apology, Azealia Banks doubles down on homophobia

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In what might be described as a social media whirlwind over
the last few days, controversial rapper Azealia Banks has apologized for one
homophobic rant, before sending out a new one in a post that teased her
retirement from music altogether.

It all started in October, when the 28-year-old Banks posted
a video on Instagram in which she called out queer singer Frank Ocean a “dumbass
n****” for launching a club event called “PrEP+” and implied that gay men use
the drug as an excuse for promiscuous behavior.

In an expletive-laced rant, she said, “Clearly I have a lot
of gay male friends. Do not take that PrEP shit, okay? There’s no reason for
you to need to have a fucking pill so you can just fuck whoever you want to
fuck and just be all fucking nasty out there on the streets acting a fucking

After suggesting that Ocean was “getting paid by some white
gay corporation to do this shit,” she went on too add, ““Y’all stay off that
fucking PrEP. You don’t need to have everybody running up in your fucking
asshole all day. If you got a sex addiction like that, that you need a fucking
pill so you can go fuck and suck and do all that, then you need to go see a
fucking psychiatrist.”

At the time, Banks was heavily criticized for the video by LGBTQ
and straight social media commenters alike. Then last week, just before
Thanksgiving, the rapper made another Instagram post saying she was sorry for her
previous outburst.

“Hey guys, So…. a few weeks ago I went on a rant about
Pre-exposure prophylaxis meds and I am just doubling back to say…… I’m sorry,”
she posted. “It’s not my place. It was extremely insensitive. Who cares if I
meant well, that wasn’t the way. I’m really really sorry.”

Her change of heart was short-lived, however. Over the
weekend, Banks doubled down on her homophobia in another Instagram story in
which she also made a dig at fellow rapper Iggy Azalea – with whom she has a
long-standing feud – and seemed to be announcing her departure from music

The post read:

“Lol, I love the gays and love how much y’all love me but I really have to
eject. I think you guys are into a lot of shit/people I just don’t find value
in. I find myself acknowledging/looking at shit I’m leagues above and it really
is such a set back lol… I really, truly, honestly could not give a fuck about
any of the people y’all suggest for me to collab with/acknowledge and I only do
in efforts to humor y’all.

so many of you are on here begging me to collab and acknowledge random
people/artists it’s too distracting and I cannot keep going thru my art/journey
with y’all in my face 24/7…

really can’t allow y’all to keep throwing me in the bucket with Iggys/Tinashes/random
drag queens just because I’m female and you guys play Barbie dream house with
the names and create this culture of shared data.

“And it’s true… even though I’m DEFINITELY better
than all these little trash bitches y’all stans try to collaging in with
me…paying attention to any of it even for a second, is another second spent
away from what I NEED TO BE DOING.

“So gays…… I bid you adieu…. These last 8 years were fun…. But I have to
pull a Shia
and delete this thing. It’s clear that so many of these girls feed
off my art, But when I’m doubling back to snatch crumbs out their mouths it
stops my journey forward.

“I’m like a giant baking pies and eating cakes trying to fault mice for
collecting crumbs. Gotta leave the crumbs on the floor and let the eco-system
do what it does. Azealia Banks is leaving the forest so you tree ass bitches
can fall in silence.

“Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. It’s been real.”

Though she has previously identified
as bisexual
, Banks has a long history of homophobic comments. A Google
search for “Azealia Banks + homophobia” yields a list of incidents dating back
several years.

She has also announced her retirement before. In June, she claimed
to be stepping away from music in a post that said, “[I]T DOESNT
ANOTHER BODY OF AZEALIA BANKS WORK AGAIN. HEAR ME!?!,” two months before releasing
a new project titled “YUNG RAPUNXEL PT II.”

In a similar display of consistency, the rapper posted yet
another Instagram story on December 2, this time saying, “Now I’m going back to
LA to finish some music and just finish some videos. Prepare you bitches for
another year of not being able to take Azealia Banks.”

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