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At the beginning of the semester the class was posed with 4 questions to answer about gender. We were again posed these questions at the end of the semester to see how are thoughts had changed and grown. Interestingly enough my answers were generally the same but the second round of answering was much lengthier. I think it was because I felt more confident in my answers this time around. My ideas throughout the semester didn’t change per se but they did evolve into a more solid idea of what I believe in. Here’s my answers

  1. How do you define femininity?

BEGINNING: female attributes. Soft but strong

END: Someone or something who is considered feminine. Soft, motherly, strong. (this is not dependent on gender)

2. How do you define Feminism?

BEGINNING: The belief that all genders are equal. An emphasis on feminine attributes being increased.

END: The belief that both genders are equal and fighting for the equality of the genders socially and in the home. Key idea: anyone can do anything regardless of gender.

3. How do you define masculinity?

BEGINNING: male attributes. Strong and hard.

END: Someone or something considered masculine. Strong, leader, tough (this is not dependent on gender)

4. What are men’s rights organizations?

BEGINNING: the rights of men being stepped on and trying to improve that. toxic masculinity.

END: Groups of people who believe that men are the ones being oppressed and fight to bring women down.

These ideas are much more complex than the overly simplified definitions that I gave but it would take hundreds of pages to properly define and represent these questions. What’s also interesting is I felt it was difficult to answer these questions (especially define femininity and masculinity) without bringing up the other topic.

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