10 Organization to Support This Giving Tuesday and Everyday

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The Dru Project was established to continue the work of Christopher Andrew Leinonen, who started the first Gay-Straight Alliance at his high school. He and 48 others lost their lives at the Pulse Nightclub, so his friends banded together to launch a nonprofit in his name. The Dru Project develops curriculum for GSAs, gives scholarships and micro loans. Doing this they help grow the next generation of leaders in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Kids Matter advocates for, organizes for and fight for foster kids in Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin. The work they are doing isn’t just on a policy platform, they actually do the hard work making individual lives better every day. Kids Matter mission isn’t just to help young people survive, they want to help them thrive.

Forge is a federally funded organisation doing anti violence work for and in the transgender community. Forge not only works directly with transgender victims of violence, they also train hundreds of providers and organizations nationwide. Recently they lost some of their funding and are in need of community support.

The Translatinx Network is based in NYC but it’s impact is felt much further than that. It’s run by and for trans Latinx people while working to encourage trans Latinx to grow and develop in a healthy way. They offer legal clinics for immigrants and undocumented folks, and supplies folks in need with clothing and toiletries through it’s community closet program.

Open Door has been at the forefront of HIV and STI treatment in IL for over 38 years. Open Door focuses on providing medical, emotional and educational services to folks with HIV/AIDS by opening a state of the art medical facility, hiring medical and case managers. Their goal is to provide LGBT folks with stigma and discrimination free health care and all the services they need.

Have you ever bought a car that was a lemon, or maybe just over paid? While not a non profit, Mechanic Shop Femme is a mission driven company that offers automotive education scholarships to low income LGBT folks, folks of color and people with disabilities. I teach folks how to buy a used car and not get scammed, how to make sure all the financing is in order properly and you don’t end up owing more on your car than it’s worth. I also teach things like maintenance 101. Donations can be made via Paypal.

The Effing Foundation for Sex Positivity has one mission, “to reduce sexual shame and normalize conversations around human sexuality by fostering sex-positive art and education.” They provide grants to artists that center human sexuality and focus their programing to woman, queer folks, folks with disabilities and other marginalized communities.

While in the USA we live mostly in safety in 2019, across the wold LGBTQ folks are struggling to survive in countries that are dangerous. That’s where the Rainbow Railroad comes in. They offer resources and connections for applying for asylum in safer countries, some financing support to folks in hiding and cover the cost of transportation once connections in a safer country have been made. The Rainbow Railroad is quite literally saving lives.

Started by transgender veteran and activist Giovonni Santiago, the META Center inc develops programs to helps trangender and gender non conforming youth in Ohio flourish. “Through providing affirmation to one of society’s most vulnerable, META Center Inc. works to create social change and foster acceptance.”

LGBTQ SAVES is all about the youth in Fort Worth, TX. They provide safe spaces to grow and learn, allowing youth to connect with each other and develop socially in a safe environment. LGBTQ SAVES also offers scholarships for youth headed to college in addition to providing resources in areas ranging from suicide prevention, students right to changing gender markers on your birth certificate.

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