I’m Holding Out For A Hero – An Injustice!

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Seeking representation of our queer/black/trans/freaky selves in cultural narratives

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Hey pretty people, it’s Monday. Have you got your writing ideas planned for the week? Would you like a little mental lubrication?

We’ve had an influx of awesome submissions over the weekend and today. Thanks for that. You’re amazing!

I’ve been hanging out on Black Twitter the last few days, following chatter about the new film, Queen & Slim, which led to a long Messenger chat with Zuva this morning while I was sitting in Starbucks knocking back the first few coffees of the day.

There’s a lot of anger on Black Twitter about the casting of two Black British leads in an African American story, but also anger directed at the scriptwriter, Lena Waithe, for the description of Queen as a “field nigger” — apparently to illustrate that she is dark-skinned.

When I don’t know what to make of this stuff, because I don’t feel qualified to have an opinion (by virtue of the fact that I’m always going to be blinded by my white privilege), I ask Z.

In the short time we’ve known each other, I feel like I have learned a lot. And it hurts. My mind is blown. And I wonder if we can ever fix this stuff or if we’re too far gone? I don’t know.

And while I don’t feel qualified to comment, sometimes, I’m determined not to be one of those white people who refuses to get involved. Yes, it terrifies me — because I take out every word I say and analyse it carefully, and I still don’t know if I’m going to show my ignorance and say something stupid/biased etc. But I know that I have to try.

We have to try…


We published a piece by DarkSkyLady yesterday, (No Film Is Owed a Positive Review Because We Are The Same Race) which references some of the reviews about the movie. It’s worth a look.

And there’s an article in Zora by Kellee Terrell — a very positive perspective on the movie, which you might enjoy.

I haven’t seen the film yet because it’s not showing here where I live in the UK. *sigh*
I hope it will be soon.

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