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Unless you want to be gifted a MONSTROUS butt plug

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Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

When I finally told my partner that I was interested in anal play, I was (unsurprisingly) met with delight. He was ecstatic at this newfound interest and eager to assist in my journey.

While I was out of town, he asked if it was okay that he bought some butt plugs and dildos, so we could get started ASAP. Sex toys without having to spend the money to buy them, hell yeah!

But when I got home and was gifted with three new toys to spice up our sex lives, I was taken aback.

They were HUGE! Imagine a large dildo in your mind and then make it bigger- that’s what I was looking at. My interest immediately dissipated into fear.

There was no possible way that these were going in my ass, why would he even think these were meant for newbies? For fuck’s sake, they were 3 times wider and longer than his own manhood. What were we trying to work up to?

And the three toys he bought were all equally daunting, with very little variation in size. There wasn’t a small, medium, and then huge. Just large, larger, and largest.

I was flabbergasted at either his boldness or his cluelessness-neither option being a turn on. He has an asshole, couldn’t he have at least imagined it might be too big?!

But for the sake of “trying anything once”, one night I grabbed the smallest of the three options (which was still gigantic) and tried to be a good spirit. All lubed up and after a finger or two up the bum, I nodded for him to try to insert the dildo. I was hoping the boozy foreplay would relax my body a little bit.

Man, was I wrong!

No amount of lube or foreplay could have made that dildo bearable. It felt like my asshole was on fire. I barely managed to get 1/6 of it in before I asked him to stop and banned it from the bedroom.

The experiment was over, finally. And the dildos remained in the bottom of a dresser, taunting me, for the remainder of our relationship.

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