How Homophobia Guides The Future of The LGBT+ Community

In the previous blogs that I have written, I have discussed many different aspects towards being gay and homophobia. How homophobia is the leading cause of many of the LGBT+ communities struggles and why they go through handfuls of hardships.

I went inside the mind of a homophobic person to understand why they have such hate and dislike towards someone who loves someone of the same sex. In opposition to that, my stance on this topic refutes homophobia and how homophobia is both pitiful as well as ignorant. Ultimately answering my lingering question of how did homophobia refine the way in which the LGBT+ community live their lives?

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Britt Toon: The wedding of an ‘anti-gay’ activity and ‘homophobia’

Further on within this blog post is not me bashing or threatening homophobia but rather it is simply my point of view on a stance that leads to many people to feel ashamed of who they are to the point that they commit suicide or have gotten severely injured because (like I have mentioned in my third blog post) of toxic masculinity or because they see gays as an easy target thus feeding their ego of being the most masculine man.

In a society that leans extremely towards the heteronormative side, many oppurtunities are taken away from gay people specifically in the work force and medical field. In Kurina Bakish article called Workplace Discrimination: The LGBT Workforce she states “The LGBT workforce continues to face widespread discrimination in the workplace with 21 percent of LGBT employees reporting that they have been discriminated against in hiring, promotions and pay.

Furthermore, one out of every 25 complaints made about workplace discrimination comes from LGBT employees.” This type of discrimination towards homosexuals in the work force is one of the reasons why many people within this community struggle to have a living. Because of the high rates of discrimination in the work force, many homosexuals are afraid to come out and feel free enough to express themselves to their coworkers to avoid being put down.

And although we have had laws passed such as the anti-discrimination law or the 2661 Bill, that are passed in twenty one states in which a person cannot be discriminated against for sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity.

Being a part of the LGBT community myself, I understand the fear of being afraid to let people know your identity. The fear of being excluded and bullied because other people can not respect my wishes of being who I want to be with. Especially after reading all these articles of people who have been fired, beaten or even killed because of their sexuality scares me and I am sure scared a lot more.

Homophobia can be seen as a stance and it can be said that this is just an opinion and all opinions matter. However, this “opinion” is the reason why people in the LGBT community are losing their lives and feelings ashamed of who they are. Homophobia is the leading cause of death for many children and is ridiculed and deemed illegal in many outside countries where if you find out if you are gay the consensus would autoamtically be death.

Homophobia is like a bad lip sore. It is annoying and gives you a lot of pain. No matter what you do it would just irritate it more and in return continue to hurt you. However, bad sores can also go away with enough patience, healing, and treating it. Many people have been fighting homophobia for decades and with future generations becoming more and more open minded towards accepting how people choose to live their lives, I believe that there is a future for us and many generations ahead of us where homophobia will be a thing of the past. No more hurt and pain but only love and peace. A world where we can seek bigger problems than two people of the same sex loving each other.

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