Health Care Discrimination Among the LGBT Community

Another large issue LGBT people face in our current society is healthcare disparities put upon some LGBT individuals. People that identify within this community are more likely to have poor health and chronic conditions because of their minority status, lack of education of health care workers, and fear of stigma, discrimination, and bias in the health care system (Cigna). What this information essentially means is that many are scared to seek the health care they need. They are afraid of the judgement they may receive from the professionals that are supposed to be helping them. Many also do not the financial means to seek proper health care. This stems from the issue of employment discrimination among our society. All of the issues LGBT individuals face stack on top of each other and form a domino effect. Those trying to get a job may get turned away because of ignorance and bigotry. Then, they may not be able to afford proper housing and may get tuned away because of their identity. Then, because of poor living conditions and poverty levels, they may fall into poor health and not be able to afford the care they need. See how all of these stack together? However, many companies are making efforts and massive strides to help LGBT people get the care they need. The insurance company Cigna has expanded network access to transgender care, provided specific training on how to care for specific LGBT health issues, and began participating in and donating to support organizations. Many other companies are also taking massive strides to create a climate of acceptance and ensure everyone has the necessary care they need.

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