Punish Those Behind Rash of Maimed And Killed Horses

Target: Alan Wilson, Attorney General for South Carolina

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Goal: Punish those responsible for stabbing and spooking multiple horses, leading to some of their deaths.

At least three horses have suffered serious stab wounds and several more have been spooked and released from their pastures near one small South Carolina town. Local horse owners have asked for help in ending this disturbing trend. Demand justice for all the horses maimed and killed.

“In this case, they’re wanting to do some type of destruction to the animal and it’s intentional,” stated Ben Few, a resident of Spartanburg County. His 12-year-old horse Maggie Mae got loose after her fence was slashed open. Luckily, Maggie Mae was found, but she suffered scratches and bleeding from her hindquarters. She is just one of multiple horses within 10 miles of Campobello to have suffered injuries or even death within the last two months due to tampered enclosures or outright violent attacks within their pasture. So far, three horses have been stabbed, at least one hit by a car, and more have been released or spooked to the point where they ran through fencing and risked hurting themselves.

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office has been working with animal control to find those behind these attacks. However, locals feel that more needs to be done to protect their horses. Sign below and demand that those behind this rash of animal cruelty are prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Attorney General Wilson,

Multiple horses have been injured or killed near Campobello in the last two months, striking fear in the hearts of local horse owners. At least three horses have been stabbed, some fatally, and others have suffered serious injuries due to spooking and sabotaged enclosures. While authorities have not officially connected every incident, this disturbing trend is localized and consistent enough to warrant state-wide investigation and prosecution.

Whomever is responsible for this cruelty is breaking the hearts of local horse owners and putting innocent animals in danger. I demand that you prosecute those found responsible, once they are identified, and seek the maximum penalty possible as justice for these unnecessary deaths.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: markusspiske

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