2019 LGBTQ Holiday Specials – Tagg Magazine

Get a head start on your shopping with these deals and discounts from LGBTQ-owned businesses.



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(Photo by Sharena Chindavong)

This genderqueer and trans-owned and operated business offers jewelry for people of all sizes and genders. Check out some of their fun and unique gender-free jewelry options from “they/them” earrings to beautifully simple “butch rings.” For the first 15 days of December, Automic Gold will be doing an advent calendar where they release a new item each day.



FLAVNT Streetwear

(Photo by Aiden Diaz)

This apparel brand is by and for queer people to feel proud of their identity. Shop everything from fun t-shirts and pins to a range of binders that allow you to be comfortable being you. Check out their holiday sales, including 15% off or more select items. Click here.



HauteButch Models

(Photo courtesy of HauteButch, Inc.)

This butch fashion and lifestyle brand offers a host of apparel for masculine women and transmen. Shop suits, briefs, footwear, and more in the tomboy style you love. They are offering Tagg readers a special holiday deal of 20% off with the coupon code hbtagg20 from now until December 31. Click here.



Mac Art Ceramics Mug

(Photo courtesy of Mac Art Ceramics)

Follow @mac_art_ceramics on Instagram for a 20% off or free shipping holiday sale. Mac McCusker is a transgender ceramic artist who hand sculpts clay pieces that provide an artistic take on LGBTQ issues. This winter, you can drink your hot cocoa from a beautifully handcrafted mug that showcases your LGBTQ pride.



Nik Kacy

(Photo by Nicolette J-Pownall)

This footwear company was started by genderfluid, queer and transmasculine designer NiK Kacy. Whether you prefer masculine of center, feminine of center, or gender-neutral styles, NiK Kacy has you covered. This holiday season, NiK Kacy Footwear is offering a special deal just for Tagg subscribers. From now until December 31, use the code TAGGHOHOHO for 10% off an entire order of $100 or more.




Queer Gear Shirt

(Photo by Sarah Weiss)

This queer-women owned clothing brand is all about creating queer clothing for queer people. They offer plenty of fun t-shirts, stickers, and tote bags that let you be unapologetically you. For the holiday season, there will be storewide pop-up deals including discounts, giveaways, and raffles advertised on their Instagram (@shopqueergear) from December 1 to January 1. Queer Gear will also be doing a 25% off Cyber Monday sale. Click here.




Give the gift of Tagg this holiday season. From November 1 to December 31, Tagg is offering 15% off of Tagg t-shirts and/or a one-year magazine subscription. Use promo code HOLIDAY.










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