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“Aloha. In my past, I said and believed things that were wrong, and worse, they were very hurtful to people in the LGBTQ community and to their loved ones. Many years ago, I apologized for my words and, more importantly for the negative impact that they had. I sincerely repeat my apology today. I’m deeply sorry for having said them.”

My views have changed significantly since then, and my record in Congress over the last six years reflects what is in my heart: a strong and ongoing commitment to fighting for LGBTQ rights.

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I know that LGBTQ people still struggle, fear that their hard-won rights are going to be taken away by people who hold views like I used to. That cannot happen, because every American deserves to be treated equally, by their fellow Americans and under the law.

Tulsi Gabbard: “I will continue to fight for LGBTQ people.”

I was raised to believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. So, for a period of my life, I didn’t see the contradiction in those beliefs. My father was very outspoken. He was an activist who was fighting against gay rights and marriage equality in Hawai’i and at that time I forcefully defended him and his cause.

Very few people have the guts to candidly confess their faults and wrongdoings publicly even if it is done unintentionally, but Tulsi has the strength of her character to stand with the truth. She deserves to be our president, let vote for her.

But over the years as I grew up, I formed my own opinions based on my life experiences that significantly changed my views at a very personal level.

I’m so grateful to my friends, my loved ones, both gay and straight, who have patiently helped me see how my past positions on these issues were at odds with my values, my aloha, and that they were causing people harm. I regret the role that I played in causing such pain, and I remain committed to fighting for LGBTQ equality.

-By Tulsi Fans

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