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I’m Not Cheating, I’m Poly!

by Anne Shark
When I first started dating multiple people, the idea of PDA (public display of affection) with another partner sent me into a panic. Social anxiety has always been a part of my life, and the thought of a friend or acquaintance seeing me sharing any sort of intimacy with someone they didn’t know as my boyfriend triggered it. What would they think about me??

Why Don’t you Want to Make Love Anymore?

by Kitty Hannah Eden
Six years. This is how long I led a sexless life also devoid of intimacy and human warmth; it wasn’t a choice, it wasn’t an agreement, it was an accident, one of those things neither of us took upon ourselves to remedy or even discuss. Being a born communicator, I tried for a while but all my attempts fell on deaf ears so I eventually gave up trying.

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No More Secrets: Confessions of a Former Sex Addict’s Wife

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy
Until two years ago I didn’t believe sexual addiction was a real thing. As a clinically trained psychologist, it hadn’t been a part of my training.

My Partner Made Me Wait A Year Before We Had Sex

by Matthew Ryerson
The dance floor was packed. Bodies pressing together. Shirts clinging to sweaty chiseled torsos. Crotches grinding against asses. Couples kissing, hungrily devouring each other, dying to remove their clothes and be overtaken by pure animal lust. And then suddenly, like in a movie, the crowd began to part, and there he was … Kyle.

My Husband’s First Date With Another Woman

by M. C. Frances
After a few months of flirting, and a couple sexy rendezvous on my end, I decided I wanted Jack to experience the rush of sexual exploration. I wanted him to have the same sexual charge I was getting. We visited the local swingers club a few times and met Katie and her husband, Tom. We had a couple of dates with them and enjoyed a night of 4-way hotel shenanigans.

Does Your Lover Drizzle Pre-Cum When He’s Aroused?

by Mysterious Witt
Yes, I’m talking about that clear fluid that drips out of a man’s penis when he’s turned-on, before he ejaculates. The more aroused he becomes, the more he drips.

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