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Anyone that knows me, knows that I live for queer, enlightening, juicy, fun and informative content! It’s almost a law at this point that any content I consume must have at least one person on the spectrum. This all began last year when I decided that I’d try having sex with a man! It brought me down a rabbit hole of questions… questions about sexuality and the gender spectrum. These questions were answered by (and continue to be answered by) books that I’ve read, TV shows that I’ve watched, podcasts that I’ve listened to, Youtube channels that I follow and music that I’ve heard.

Alliterative titles might sound tacky but this one was a win for me. ‘When Women Were Warriors’ is a lesbian, fantasy, historical trilogy about a young woman, Tamra, learning to become a warrior at a woman’s training camp. They are taught how to fight, use swords, use the bow and arrow among other things. It helps that there’s a bit of fooling around among the female characters. It doesn’t help, however, that the plot progresses pretty slowly and doesn’t quite kickstart until the end of the first book into the beginning of the second book. Despite that, however, this is my all-time favourite LGBT+ novel because it has everything I really want in a book: women, lesbians, fighting and sex.

Amazon (P.S. the Kindle edition is free!)

Since I found podcasts, I’ve listened to them maybe, more than I’ve listened to music. They’ve been instrumental in carrying out any tedious chores I’ve been tasked with as a result of adulting and they’ve been friendly companions on any of my long walks. I’ve been particularly obsessed with Ev’yan Whitney’s show ‘The Sexually Liberated Woman’. She’s a sex doula that speaks to ways in which she encourages sexual healing among her clientele and interviews sex experts and advocates. I’ve learnt a lot from her, particularly, manoeuvring polyamorous relationships and being on the gender spectrum. If you decide to binge her podcast from the beginning, it took me quite a few episodes before I really started enjoying her content but eventually, I was obsessed so be patient and I promise, you’ll be hooked too.

Apple Podcast


I live, eat and breathe music! Ugh, I’m horny just thinking about it. Especially queer artistry with people ranging from Halsey to Janelle Monae. When you factor in people of colour, I’ve completely nutted. As of recently, Willow Smith has taken the hat for favourite queer music. She’s a polyamorous queer queen and her most recent album, Willow, has been my morning mantra for weeks now. The songs are ethereal, mood changing and literally… perfect. I use her album to get ready for my day, water my plants, meditate and sometimes I incorporate her songs into my wind-down routine at the end of the day.


Okay, so other than Netflix, I watch YouTube almost religiously. I subscribe to a million channels and binge all their new content as part of my wind-down routine every night. One of my favourite YouTube channels is Jubilee. And even though it’s not technically a queer YouTube channel, it features a lot of queer people. It’s easily one of the most diverse channels that I’ve encountered on YouTube to date. They aim to create a movement for ‘human good’ which is what they do with a number of their web series such as Spectrum, Middle Ground and fun ones like Dating App in Real Life. I don’t quite know how to sum them up because they do so much! But I can say, that they’ve managed to change a lot of my closed-minded perspectives. Although they’ve been criticised for giving platforms to only liberals and persons on the far left, as a liberal and leftist I don’t mind.


I could name, maybe a million queer TV Shows that’s helped me with my coming of age sexuality and identity. TV Shows such as

· Pose

· Broad City

· One Day at a Time

· Steven Universe


· Cable Girls

· Sense8

I mean I could go on forever but that’s for another day.

These all have queer characters and great representation! However, the television series that made the biggest impact was RuPaul’s Drag Race. And I know, I know it’s so cliché, but I began watching it last year around the same time I had a million unanswered questions about my sexuality, and it didn’t necessarily answer them, but the show did help me appreciate being queer more than I ever had before.

For those of you who don’t know, RuPaul’s Drag Race is a reality television show featuring drag queens that perform challenges and runway walks in various categories. Eventually, a winner is crowned as Drag Race Superstar. It’s hosted and judged by RuPaul who is a renowned Drag Queen and acts as a mentor to the participants of the show. I enjoy the drama, the colours, the outfits, the laughs, the memorable walks and expressions but I don’t particularly enjoy RuPaul. Ru acts as an almost God-like figure on the show who believes he can do no wrong, well … that’s my opinion. The show has also been criticized for being racist, fatphobic and misogynistic. Despite that, however, the show is memorable, and I’d suggest you start with Season Two. Don’t ask, just thank me.


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