The First Time I Kissed a Girl – SEXXX

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In my experience, kissing a woman is nothing like kissing a man.

Women are somehow gentler, softer, more comfortable to sink into when you press your body against them.

I loved the feel of her big, supple breasts pressing into mine as our tongues tangled, and I reached up under her shirt to massage one breast through her silky bra, gently pinching her nipple as she moaned into my mouth.

“You are literally the best kisser ever,” she breathed into me, and that was the highest of compliments coming from the person I knew who’d kissed more people than anyone else I could think of.

I hoisted myself up onto the vanity and wrapped my legs around her waist, pulling her closer, grabbing at her thick ass and plunging my tongue into her mouth.

It felt like we kissed for an eternity, and I finally came up for air and said:

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“It’s fine,” Marie insisted. “We’re just having fun, it doesn’t mean anything.”

So we kept kissing even as people started knocking on the door, constantly having to stop and yell at them to go away, but it didn’t deter us.

“You got me so wet,” I breathed into her mouth as our tongues danced around each other.

“Let me see,” she said, and she stepped back from me a bit, our lips still locked, my eyes closed, and then I felt her hand move up my bare thigh and under my dress, and then her fingers playing around the edges of my cotton panties.

I trembled at her touch, pushing my pussy against her hand, and she pulled my panties out of the way and slipped one finger into my dripping pussy and started plunging it slowly in and out, then began rubbing my clit with her thumb.

I wondered for a moment how many other girls she had done this with, because it felt like an expert touch, but I didn’t want to know or ask.

I just wanted to enjoy every second of the sensations — her fingers on my pussy, her soft lips on mine, her hot tongue filling my mouth, her pillowy breasts in my hand…

I probably would have came in a minute or two, but she pulled her hand away and brought her finger to our mouths, first licking it herself and then putting it in my mouth, making me taste myself.

“You taste as good as you kiss,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Someone was pounding on the door now, and we both laughed, staring into each others eyes and smiling ear to ear.

“We gotta get out of here,” Marie said, and I nodded reluctantly, not wanting our make out session to end, praying that it would happen again someday, and someday go even further.

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