Beyond RuPaul’s Drag Race: Favorites with Honey Davenport

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For Black folks, editing on television is often not our friend. We get edited into caricatures instead of full human beings. My goal with this favorites interview is to experience a more authentic Honey — one that has dreams, one that is imperfect, and one that is loving and human.

CC: Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon? Please share a memory with us.
HD: Definitely the 90s X-Men. I always wanted to be Morph, and I’m just now kinda realizing I grew up to be him.

CC: Favorite gift you’ve given? What made it significant?
HD: I recently got my cat a bee toy that she loves chasing and playing with so much. She’s obsessed with it and cries whenever we’re not playing with her. I love how happy it makes her.

CC: Favorite cinematic or literary villain? What makes them your favorite?
HD: Cruella De Ville, cuz shes always fabulously dressed and has the best theme song. But what she got against puppies, though? Faux Fur is so much better.

CC: Favorite soloist? What makes them significant in your life?
HD: Janelle Monae. She’s genderbending, authentically herself, and came into her own at a time I was just figuring out who I was and what kind of artist I really wanted to be. She was an absolute inspiration. And she’s an example of black excellence.

CC: Favorite home appliance? Why is it your favorite?
HD: My bong. I’m using it right now so I can’t remember why its my favorite.

CC: Favorite picture of yourself and why?
HD: Don’t make me choose one of my children in front of the others.

CC: Favorite smell? What does it remind you of?
HD: Fried Chicken. My mom’s fried chicken is the bomb. Also, everybody likes fried chicken, not just black people, so this isn’t a stereotype.

CC: Favorite cuss word? And an example of how you use it?
HD: Fuck! Fuck Fuck Fuck. Its just so fucking useful at expressing whatever the fuck needs to be expressed in the fucking moment. Also, its slang for sex, so you know I’m down.

CC: Worst movie that your favorite actor is in? Please say more.
HD: That steaming pile of animal feces that was new The Lion King. I have so much respect for Donald Glover: why the hell did that movie show him as anything less than perfect?

CC: Favorite way you love yourself?
HD: Going to the beach and laying in the sun. And bath bombs.

CC: Favorite zodiac sign to be friends with? To date? To flirt with?
HD: I don’t understand astrology, but I do know everything gets fucked up when Mercury is in Gatorade. Does that answer the question?

CC: Favorite dipping sauce? Favorite moment that included this sauce?
HD: Honey Mustard. Though its better on sandwiches. It never lasts long so I don’t remember it.

CC: Favorite thing to daydream about?
HD: Dick and Social Justice. Its also all I ever talk about.

CC: Favorite Alanis Song? Because I love Alanis
HD: Head Over Heels. Its hard to listen to without crying!

CC: Favorite cover (song)? What did they do to make it special?
HD: Beyonce’s Before I Let Go. It’s like she updated a hit from my parent’s time for me.

CC: Favorite Mariahism? Sorry, but it had to be asked. LOL
HD: I think that Drag Race showed that I don’t know much about Mariah. But it is just like honey whenever her voice comes on the radio.

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