Safex Hates All Homosexuals Transgender’s & the LGBT Community

Safex Hates All Homosexuals Transgender’s & the LGBT Community

In this article we will discuss the issues concerning Safex and its community as it pertains to the homosexual (LGBT Community) population. As we have already brought to light, the Safex community as well as the team members at Safex are racists. If you are not fully convinced and believe otherwise feel free to check out my article entitled, “Safex Scam Hates Jews, African American (Blacks) and Asians”. However, for this article the main focus is how the Safex team and its community members support, condone and actively encourage “hate speech” directed towards all Homosexuals Transgender’s & other members of the LGBT Community. Take this fine example below. This comment was created by one of the most active Safex holders by the name of “Commodus The Great” and who is in fact a close personal friend of Daniel Dabek. As shown in this fine example below, Commodus The Great of Safex is nothing short of a hateful, spiteful, vindictive, bigot. This individual is so low that he even admits to getting his own children to laugh, yell and name call other human beings just for being different!

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Unfortunately, these issues are deep rooted within the Safex community and will never die! As evident even in their community Safex Discord details below.

In the above conversation, another Safex community member by the name of Henry Safex states, “I mean, boys make me horny, but Im not a fag” is one of the main issues besides actually saying the word “faggot” or “fag” which is truly hateful to say the least. Furthermore, the direct usage of the terms boys horny and fag in the same sentence also leave one to conclude that this Safex community member associates “fags” (forgive my language) with liking boys. In other words, this particular Safex community member named Safex Henry is concluding and projecting outwards that into the world that, homosexuals are in fact pedophiles because, homosexuals are males which like other males ie boys. Furthermore, the rest of the community in the conversation DO NOT discourage this behavior and hateful speech but instead directly encourage it by also using the derogatory word “fag” themselves. Furthermore, what’s worse is that someone “older” in age would actually talk about liking children in such a manner.

Moving onward let’s not be quick to forget the endless attacks on the Transgendered community. The details are below, take a look. I place them here to prove a point concerning how hateful the Safex community is.

Safex is a scam that encompasses a community filled with some of the most disgusting degenerates. From the lies upon lies within the community to the horrific way they treat members of different genders, cultural beliefs, ethnic heritage and so forth. Avoid this problem at any and all cost and HODL in Bitcoin!

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