I Was Excited About Sex With Another Woman, But for Her It Was Just a Job

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Max said he wanted to watch us sixty-nine. I dove between Julia’s legs, nuzzling my face into her vagina.

I thought about the hours I’d spent masturbating, thinking about licking Julia’s vagina and having her lick mine.

I thought about the time I’d spent shaving and moisturizing — perfecting my natural look.

I decided that at the very least, we’d have sex, and I’d enjoy it. Yes, she was another escort, but still I’d get pleasure from this session, even if Julia no longer looked so beautiful now that her face was smeared with makeup.

Max showed up not long after.

“I see you two have already gotten to know each other.” He winked at me, and at that moment I wanted to kill him. He’d lied to me.

What had I expected though? Honesty from a client? I should have known better.

I kept my mouth shut. He’d pay me and that would be that. A part of me still wanted to make things right with Julia though. Strangely enough, I still wanted to have sex with her.

Maybe it had to do with the fact I’d felt so excited for so many days. Even in spite of the way she’d treated me, I still hoped that she’d improve. She’d prove me wrong, that her terrible first impression was just that: a bad first impression. She’d also make things right by blowing my mind with the sex.

After some small talk and a couple of buzzed burps from Julia, we made our way to my bed. As positive as I was trying to be, I couldn’t help feeling deflated.

Max said he wanted to watch us sixty-nine. I dove between Julia’s legs, nuzzling my face into her vagina.

I sensed her body flinch. I persevered, touching my tongue to her clitoris. She literally moved, so my mouth couldn’t reach her anymore.

Then I understood. She wanted me to fake it.

She wasn’t into me at all. Though she had her own face between my legs, she wasn’t really licking me either. Her mouth hovered just over my vagina without actually touching it.

She wasn’t into me — or the sex. The rest of the experience was mechanical. After she pretended to enjoy licking my pussy with all the dramatic porno moans, we both pretended our way through sex with Max.

We each got down on our knees in front of him to suck his cock. Julia deep-throated his dick while I tongued his balls.

She did a very good job with deep-throating. Yes, she was definitely a professional.

Then I rode his face while he fucked her. He changed the condom and fucked me while Julia sat on his face. She and I kissed each other, but the magic was gone. There never had been magic.

The hour oozed by. You have no idea how long an hour seems when you’re faking your way through sex with a client. I kept surreptitiously glancing at the clock on my nightstand. With each five minutes that passed, I wanted to celebrate.

I put that energy into my sexual performance. I released my own volley of porn-worthy moans. Max finally came inside of me while Julia crouched on the floor behind him, licking his balls and anus.

He pulled out of me, and fed her the contents of the condom. On her knees, she gargled his jizz.

Then she swallowed. “Thanks, baby,” she said and gave Max a fake smile. Max was a pig in shit heaven. He didn’t know the difference.

He went to shower and when he was done, he gifted us each an envelop with our money. By that time, he’d stopped trying to keep up the appearance of Julia being just a “friend.”

He left and Julia stuck behind, re-loading all her cosmetics back into her purse.

“That was fun,” she said. “Let’s do more threesomes together.”

My mouth dropped open. Was this the same Julia speaking?

“I have lots of other clients who’d be interested in meeting you,” she said. “I think we work well together.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Had she been in the same session? Didn’t she know she’d literally flinched when I licked her vagina?

And now she wanted to do more sessions with me? Because we worked well together?

If you can believe it, I ended up taking her up on her offer. I did a lot of sessions with Julia that summer.

Her clients indeed enjoyed meeting me. Some of them are still my clients.

But never again did I nurse any false notions about getting any pleasure from the sex Julia and I had together. From then on, it was just work, nothing more.

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