GENJI IS WITH YOU – Michelle Ehrhardt

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“Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!” Genji draws his blade. A Reaper is heading for his team’s supports. Dr. Angela Ziegler, the woman who saved his life, is about to die. Zenyatta, the Omnic monk who taught him to accept himself, is about to die. He uses his new enhancements and dashes to the Reaper. Down. He moves on to the attack. From enemy to enemy, he cuts through their defenses and clears them away from his friends. The enemy Hanzo tries to stop him: “Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!” Deflect. Whatever Hanzo may say, Genji is still a Shimada, and the dragons agree. Victory! His family is safe.

I, admittedly, am nowhere near close to being a badass cyborg ninja. Still, in transitioning rather than hiding from myself, I now have more friends than ever before, and I feel loved by those around me rather than shamed. Whereas I would have spent most of my time before closed off and afraid to talk about who I was, I now help others in the same situation. Whereas I would have been torn apart before by accusations of femininity on my part, I now face those statements with pride.

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