The LGBT community is not out of the woods, yet – Alexander Boutsis

Discrimination against the community continues…

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When you think about a community, you think about a place where you can share who you are and be safe expressing your true self… with a sense of freedom without judgement.

Fairy tale or delusion.

The LGBT community is a safe space for you… however, in recent times we tend to think that we’ve come so far and are absolutely being accepted by society as a whole… this is somewhat of a fairy tale, a delusion…

What we as a community need to be aware of is that progress made all these years can easily be reversed… and occasionally this is noticeable in society… where there is push back against LGBT individuals… where they are attacked either in person or in the media… by presidents or colleagues… the list goes on.

Don’t take your freedom for granted.

As we have progressed there has been continued push back and we shouldn’t take our freedom for granted because it can be taken away from us, comfort and complacency is the enemy.

Our continued progress as a community is what matters most, this requires us to stand up where necessary and to increase the strength of our voice collectively, to push back against those that discriminate and help mold the world around our inclusiveness.

We live in a time of uncertainty and volatility, where anything can happen and anything can change at any time… as a member of the community, being a gay man I have recognized that I haven’t been as much involved as I should be in the community and I recon the same can be said for many others out there, including yourself…

We can all lead by example…to make our community strong, better and safer by working together globally to spread our voice and showcase the pride we have in who we are and what we represent.

We can do so much more.

Doing more is possible, adding more to the community is possible… all we have to do is come together instead of sitting on the side lines expecting others to do it for us…

We are all responsible for the wellbeing of the community and should strive to preserve what has been achieved as well as continue to grow the community for us and future generations… We are not out of the woods, yet… but it will be worth it once we are.

We can do so much more… together.

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