The Life of Matthew Shepard – Ben Jacob

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Matthew Shepard lived a full life just short of 22 years old and is considered the face of a movement for change and equality in LGBTQ history. In “The Life of Matthew Shepard”, Ben Jacob discussed about Matthews’s murder. His murder entailed to what he would consider towards committing a hate crime against Matthew where they pistol-whipped him, about 20 times tortured him and left him crucified to a fence in Laramie Wyoming on October 6 1998.

This rocked the nation and rocked the LGBTQ community if you were a gay man woman trans anything at the time of hearing about this murder you were fearing for your life detectives and police officers who were involved in this case had never in their several decades of experience seen a crime of this nature.

A lot of strides have been made in the legacy of Matthew Shepard. Matthew was born on December 1st 1976 to Judy and Dennis Shepard to name that you will hear of mostly in my third video of the series. He had a younger brother who was born in 1981 and there were only those two sons in the family. The brothers were very close his mom and him. They were really good friends and they had a very open relationship.

There was a lot of misunderstanding about his sexuality as would be natural especially for that time period 20 years ago. It was a very different world, a lot of parents who aren’t necessarily friends with her kids or have open conversations but Matthew was so outspoken that this rocked the boat Matthew what his maturation was little five-foot — blonde blue-eyed mostly seen in braces in a lot of the pictures. He also kind of was an introvert and didn’t necessarily have like a best friend or anything but he had a lot of friends and he was very approachable so this independent little soul grew up in Casper Wyoming. He had about him like this air of vulnerability people talk a lot and they attributed a lot of the victimization of his murder to his short stature and just the fact that he just seemed like such a target because he was just a little cute beauty but he had such passion and fire about it.

To learn more, watch This video will take you away from yourself for a moment to reflect on one of our greatest LGBTQ legacies.

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