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The Supreme Court heard arguments from three separate cases on Tuesday, October 8, all surrounding one central question: is it legal to fire workers based on their sexuality? The timely nature of these hearings wore heavy over several attendees of this year’s annual Atlanta Pride festival

· Basic case understanding — Vox & AP articles

21 states in the lack laws that protect LGBTQ workers from being fired for reasons regarding sexuality or sexual orientation.

Georgia Equality, the largest LGBTQ organization in the state, responded to the cases on Tuesday, calling out Georgia for being one of only three states in the country with no protection laws for any individuals at all. The statement calls out the state government for, “the vulnerability to discrimination and harassment due to the lack of protections at the state level is not new to LGBTQ Georgians.”

o Mayor’s party quotes — Mayor’s office and Malik

On Thursday, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms hosted the second annual Mayor’s Pride Kickoff Party in Buckhead. (quotes from mayor’s office and Malik Brown)

o Aquarium party goers — Story of anonymous Trans woman executive in Atlanta who doesn’t live openly because of work stature

The Georgia Aquarium hosted their annual Pride Kickoff Party on Thursday night with thousands of attendees showing up to enjoy the festivities. One attendee, who will be identified here only as Kristin due to fear of retaliation from her employer, is a local closeted trans woman and executive at an Atlanta-based national company. Kristin believes that showing her support during pride is more important than ever because of the intense line of attack the trans community specifically has received from the current administration.

o Park festival goes — Chris (SCAD student) story with hopeful tone to make future look bright.

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