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Target: José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid

Goal: Stop the inhumane culling of wild parakeets in Madrid.

Madrid plans to slaughter at least half of its green monk parakeet population over health concerns. The population is healthy and keeps growing by year, but the birds are said to carry avian flu and other viruses. Additionally, many object to the size and weight of their nests, which pose a threat to the trees the birds build them in.

While the concerns of the public are indeed valid, the wholesale slaughter of innocent creatures is never acceptable no matter how plentiful their population. These birds are still living creatures whose lives matter just as much as any other’s. There are more humane ways of curbing the health risks that come with them, such as vaccinations for the birds against these diseases, and enabling the growth of stronger trees to house their nests.

Fear is not an excuse for ending animals’ lives. Sign this petition to stop Madrid’s government from killing these birds, and to urge them to seek more humane solutions to the problems they present.


Dear Mayor Martínez-Almeida,

Your city’s decision to kill thousands of green monk parakeets is inhumane and unnecessary. While the health concerns surrounding the birds are valid, as is the concern for the trees in which they build their nests, these are not an excuse for the wholesale slaughter of innocent living creatures.

You must seek more humane methods of handling these concerns immediately. Develop a vaccination against avian flu, or vaccinate the birds themselves. Enable the growth of stronger trees where they may build nests. The health and well-being of the human population and trees should not come at the expense of innocent birds’ lives.


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Photo Credit: Bernard Dupont

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