Kill the Blob Killing Pacific Marine Life

Target: Brandon Eisner, Senior Political Advisor for NOAA

Goal: Fight the deadly effects of warming oceans.

Attack of the killer blob: it sounds like classic over-the-top sci-fi fare. For the Pacific coast’s marine life, however, this lethal monster represents a very real imminent threat. An unprecedented large water mass known as ‘the blob’ first made an appearance in 2014. This massive swath of hot water spanned millions of square miles, ran hundreds of feet deep, and covered nearly the entire North American west coast, from Alaska to Mexico. Now, with a strong assist from climate change, the blob is back: bigger and more dangerous than ever. At-risk marine life will pay the highest price.

In September, the United Nations released yet another highly troubling report…and another indictment on humanity’s destructive toll on earth. The report estimated that in just a year, average ocean temperature will have jumped to a point four times greater than normal historic temperatures. The living beings who must live and thrive in these overheated ovens have already suffered tremendously.

The warmer waters have forced scores of marine animals into waters once completely foreign to them, and many have not adapted well. Some have even endangered themselves further by drifting into shipping lanes. Many more have died off because the extreme heat strips their aquatic homes of the oxygen essential for their survival. Worse yet, the blob has spawned its own mini-monsters in the form of toxic algae blooms that decimate the plankton crucial to marine food chains. The UN report concludes with a dire prophecy of mass fish extinctions. In short, oceans may soon become overrun with dead zones where no life exists at all.

Sign this petition to demand America’s leading oceanic agency take a more active solution-seeking role in combating these growing threats to lives and livelihoods.


Dear Mr. Eisner,

NOAA is evaluating the massive blob of abnormally warm water currently claiming the West coast. What is NOAA doing to fight this danger? You must realize that inaction will lead to the eradication of massive amounts of sea life…as a recent UN report has projected. You must also realize that these mass extinctions will have a devastating impact on coastal inhabitants who depend on this marine life for financial security and basic sustenance.

Why do NOAA’s climate centers consist almost exclusively of weather prediction units? Agencies near the Gulf of Maine (a region experiencing accelerated warming waters outpacing even traditional oceans) have taken the initiative and created a climate center devoted to evaluating and finding solutions for the aquatic warming, acidification, and algae blooms threatening marine life–and inevitably human life as well.

Please follow their lead and focus on a true climate center with a guiding goal: combating corrosive climate change and saving the vulnerable living beings currently in its crosshairs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: EPA

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