Batwoman (2019) Season 1, Episode 1 – Film Watchlist: Recommended Movies & TV

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So, today I saw the first episode of Batwoman. So far, I have mixed feelings about this show. First off, as someone who is LGBT myself, I can’t overlook the obvious stereotype of this lesbian character.Then again, sometimes we’re never really that sure how much of the character, is the actor in real life. My first impression was that they tried hard to make her “Robin like,” than a so called Batwoman. I wondered perhaps the tomboy(ish) look was to compensate/or match with the violent fight scenes. I guess I can understand that, because if she were more feminine, It would have given the appearance that she was a crazed man hating psycho (another lesbian stereotype).

Also, as someone who’s LGBT, surprisingly, I am still getting used to seeing major LGBT characters. Not just any LGBT characters, but LGBT characters in major productions, being very out! Sometimes, I feel the “out-ness” of many of the LGBT characters are unrealistic. However, in the case of Batwoman, I must remember that it is in fact fantasy. I don’t want to immediately pre-judge, but I really do hope that the show doesn’t become solely about her being a lesbian. The viewer doesn’t need to see 10 minutes of her kissing another woman to know she’s lesbian. There was that split moment I was thinking “come on, get on with the story!”But, for now, so far, the good thing is that her being a lesbian fits the story line. One thing’s for sure, this show has a lot of good fight scenes, and a LOT of action!!

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