There is a hierarchy of rights. There always will be

Carl Schmitt had one insight: The fundamental political distinction is the distinction between friend and enemy. One of the main functions of leftism is to obscure this truth through a “harmony of interests” ideology in which adopting their ideology is actually for the good of its opponents rather than fundamentally in conflict with their interests.

Muslims increasingly protest the inclusion of LGBTQ+ education in their schools, which is unsurprising, since historically, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have always condemned non-heternormative relationships. This does not mean that you cannot identify as any of these religions and support LGBTQ+ rights, but it does mean that you have to ignore or exclude many important passages from their sacred texts when doing so, or dishonestly ignore their historically normative and grammatical-historical interpretation. If you argue, for example, that the Qur’an and hadith are compatible with the modern interpretation of LGBTQ+ rights and the modern, Western concept of gender identity, then you have to ignore, not only passages that conflict with this, but volumes and volumes of medieval Islamic exegesis that confirms a heteronormative interpretation.

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A Christian, Muslim, or, for that matter, an Orthodox Jew, who is forced to bake a cake for a gay marriage, inject their children with dangerous puberty blockers because they identify as another gender, that being a “cis” straight man and refusing to date a transwoman makes them transphobic, forced to have their business shut down for refusing to wax the male genitals of someone who identifies as a female, and so on, feels that their right to not be complicit in such behavior is being violated. The LGBTQ+ individual, on the other hand, feels that the rejection of their demands is a refusal of their rights. Wherever you have diversity, you have, by definition, difference, and wherever you have difference, you will inevitably have conflict, and some of these conflicts will take place in areas in which each party refuses to compromise their beliefs because these issues implicate fundamental components of their worldviews.

Politics is war and its fundamental distinction is friend vs. enemy. The ontological basis of this political distinction is difference / diversity. There’s no escaping it.

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