LGBTQ : Climate Change, Superman, and Sacred Sex

Elle Fredine offers us chapter two in her beautifully textured and evocative YA story featuring a 14-year-old boy who travels across the country to spend the end of summer with his gay dad and his new partner. But just as Marshall thinks the summer couldn’t get any worse, a pretty girl and an exciting mystery might change his mind.

Marshall jumped to his feet. “Or, you could come for lunch. To get your hat back, I mean. My dad makes a mean machaca.”

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The invitation was out of Marsh’s mouth before his brain kicked in. Oh, shit, now what? He wasn’t sure he wanted Mike and his dad to know about Marsh’s feelings for …Oh, my God, I don’t even remember her name…

It’s 2065, 50 years after the Obergefell v. Hodges decision legalized same-sex marriage. Queer couples all over the US are preparing for their Golden Anniversaries. Raymond and Charles look back on a long life together, remembering family who have passed … and cities that no longer exist. Climate change has taken a big toll, and life isn’t what it was. Will they head to D.C. to celebrate anyway? With other “first couples?” Let Brian Fehler show you!

The children gone from the room, Preacher’s stern face returned. “Y’all said I’d outlive Savannah.” He cackled, coughed, then choked, the price he paid for the cackle, a price he was glad to pay for the satisfaction of the cackle. “Guess y’all were wrong.”

What does hallowed ground mean to you? A church? Maybe a cemetery? Sean Stephane Martin’s Doc and Raider have entirely different ideas of “hallowed.” It’s late on a Sunday night, and they’re celebrating their love in their own sacred space in this illustrated short story.

Viktor is a transgender teen recovering from a suicide attempt. His grip on reality may or may not be in play. His protector Lana is suing for custody, working to pull Viktor out of an abusive home. As he prepares for the first legal hearing, an old memory surfaces. Valentine Wiggin has drawn Viktor so carefully and thoughtfully that you’ll believe you’re really in his head.

My dad is merciful like God. I spilled my milk and got it on the carpet when I am not allowed to eat or drink on the carpet. When my dad found out, he got his belt and told me to go in a corner. I expected to be hit, but he didn’t hit me. Instead, I only heard the belt hitting the floor.

What if Clark Kent went back in time and told Lex Luthor the truth while they were both still teens? What if that changed everything? Let Esther Spurrill-Jones show you an alternative universe in which Superman discovers love early in life.

“You don’t believe me?” Somehow he’d never considered Lex not believing him. As an adult, Lex never had trouble believing any of the incredible things that happened around him and to him, and back when they were young the first time Lex had always seemed open to believing pretty much anything, despite Clark’s constant lies.

That’s it for this weekend, folks. Ready, set, read!

Remember, we’re always looking for more authentic queer tales. Interested in joining us? Write to me:

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— Jim

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