LGBTs are enjoying their rights. Is it really true?

Broken, Beat and Scarred, but ain’t givin’ up.

Sam wakes up after a long night of tired and weary eyes, searches for his phone half-conscious, sifts through his messages and something makes him stop his scrolling abruptly. It was his partner Jonathan who had denied meeting him tonight due to being stomped by a mob for being a ‘friend of Dorothy’. The poor guy got thrashed for being himself when he wasn’t actually harming anyone but fulfilling his intimate desires.

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In most of the countries today there are thousands of LGBTQ who are abused both mentally and physically due to ignorance of the modern human. It is often seen in context to the god’s words who asserts the killing and stoning of such people if found guilty. Humans have a tendency of despising and neglecting things they don’t understand or approve of. Why would God, who is identified as merciful, magnanimous cosmic energy punish people who are just expressing their love? Why would, by even the slightest degree, a God hold humans accountable for sleeping with the same sex or chose to consume a certain type of food or beverage? The fault is not in God but us!

The reality- LGBTs aren’t yet fully enjoying their rights. Its time to let them.

Marrying and departing

The Pride community all over the world was drenched in hope when the Netherlands became the first country to give recognition to same-sex marriage in 2000 past which Belgium and Canada soon followed. Despite many marriages taking place, the ratio of divorces is also a matter of concern. As many as 60% of same-sex have broken up their marriage or relation at some point in time and the ratio keeps increasing. In a Pew research center report, it has been revealed that lesbian couples are twice as likely to break up their marriage.

1,409 same-sex marriages took place since Britain started seeing same-gender marriage as acceptable and lawful. Within three 56% of marriages were between female couples and the rest 44% were in between male couples. As figures indicate 11% of these female couples were divorced and the male divorces accounted for just 4%. Research and analyses indicate that lesbian women break their relationship because of high expectations from their partners.

It has been shown repeatedly in studies that couples simply rush into marrying since it is legalized. Breakups and divorces are majorly attributed to the stigma related to same-sex marriages. We can see quite the opposite if the world starts giving them ample space.

Stigmatized and Segregated!

Primitive ideologies have hindered the growth of the cultural change even when we’re heading into the future with full technological breakthroughs and advancements. LGBTQs, homosexuals and pansexual are spread across the world and are found in every country, island, race, although small in number but standing with pride. It is conspicuous is not a disease or a psychological disorder but a normal mindset and that is perfectly fine. People who think it is a taboo and immoral, they should understand that killing animals for meat and skinning them is too. It should simply not be seen as a sport for pleasing the taste buds and to make it the lavish ornaments of the human body.

Humans approve, embrace and encourage things from which they earn some profit out of otherwise they just go on to expel it from their sense of responsible thinking. The same goes for our ‘Pride’ people. They lack the support and love of the common people. It is a sturdy belief that if our children are exposed to them they might as well develop such a mindset and become something we deem shameful. Its time to get over it and welcome this thriving community with open arms. They are after all humans, they too work and want to have a family without people’s bothering eyes following them everywhere they go.

Charts from Pew Research depicting the opinions of those in favour of same-sex marriages across the united states over two decades.

People are opening up and accepting LGBT people. It is the time that the rest of us should too.

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