Don’t Honor Human Rights Abuser with Prominent Award

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Target: Bill Gates, Founder, Gates Foundation

Goal: Reconsider global award for prime minister accused of human rights abuses.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be honored by the Gates Foundation, despite a spotty human rights record that includes abuse, religious violence, and even gender discrimination. Demand that the Gates Foundation reconsider its stance.

Modi will be receiving the Gates Foundation’s Global Goals Award for his efforts to improve sanitation in the country. He’s outlawed open defecation and has added toilets to the country’s most rural areas. However, even this is not without controversy. Forces have used abuse to punish open defamation. They’ve also resorted to cutting food rations and public shaming. Meanwhile, only 61 percent of schools even have usable toilets for female students.

Modi does not deserve such a prestigious honor. There are plenty of other world leaders who have done much more good for their countries and their citizens. Demand that the Gates Foundation reconsider its nomination of Modi.


Dear Mr. Gates,

There have been plenty of world leaders who have helped lift their citizens up, protect the environment, and make the world a more pleasant place to live. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not one of these leaders. Since he took office, he has tolerated abuse, has supported religious violence against Muslims, and has allowed gender discrimination to run rampant.

Even his one success, which your organization seeks to honor, is marred with controversy. His sanitation efforts have relied on abuse and threats. Plenty of other world leaders deserve this award. I ask that you reconsider your nomination of Modi.


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