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The fans of classic The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson has the reason to celebrate. Jim and Netflix have just launched 10-episode TV series prequel. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has all the chances to become another Netflix hit as it is LGBTQ-inclusive. The new fans from the community will be undoubtedly gathered to celebrate equality. TV series that have already been called “Game of Thrones for Puppets” by some fans feature three elf-like creatures, Gelfings. They are involved in a harsh struggle (just like LGBTQ people!) to protect their planet, Thra, from power-hungry overlords. It turns out that one of the characters named Deet lives with several males. Deet confirms explicitly that she has “two fathers and a younger brother”. Isn’t it touching? It is that simple: one of the main characters has LGBTQ family and feels absolutely happy about it. Moreover, Age of Resistance also depicts a lesbian couple. The series are especially popular since deal with some of the most complex issues of nowadays including race, class as well as the problems of LGBTQ community. The final of the season leave some questions open (no spoilers!) so that one more seasons seem inevitable. Let us await even more LGBTQ characters for joy and diversity.

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