Amazon: Listen to Employees’ Pleas for Help

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Target: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, Inc.

Goal: Stop abuse and exploitation of Amazon workers.

One of the world’s largest employers may be exploiting and abusing its labor force on a massive scale. Online retail giant Amazon recently celebrated its annual Prime Day, and across the globe countless employees responded with strikes. Many customers responded with canceled subscriptions. The issue at hand: workers in Amazon’s warehouses allege inhumane, unsafe, and unsustainable conditions.

Amazon has remained a consistent contender on the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health’s annual list of companies that bring harm and risk to their employees. Primary charges allege low pay for long hours and a grueling work atmosphere where employees are basically treated as glorified automatons who must output products until they essentially collapse. One especially troubling recent case emerged from China, where a major Amazon supplier allegedly has young school children working at all hours of the night to pump out the company’s popular Alexa devices.

An investigative report claims that emergency personnel have been called to Amazon warehouses for suicide attempts and other severe mental health crises nearly 200 times. Amazon’s response to these horrifying incidents is to flood its Twitter account with anecdotes from ‘happy’ employees and to obliterate any unionization efforts. This corporate mega-influencer employs over half a million people around the world. It needs to treat its most valuable contributors with respect and humanity.

Sign the petition below to demand better for Amazon’s global workforce.


Dear Mr. Bezos,

You employ one of the world’s largest and most diverse workforces. These individuals are responsible for delivering good will and customer satisfaction to communities spanning the globe. Recently, these individuals were beneficiaries of a hotline that collects and catalogs the pain, stress, and indignity they have allegedly endured at their trusted employer’s hands.

If mounting allegations from every corner of the world prove true, Amazon’s workers have been beneficiaries of little else. Slave labor hours and wages and grossly substandard warehouse environments seem merely symptoms of a much greater problem. The issue rests with a company who shows no regard for the mental health crisis afflicting its workforce: a crisis that has already led to 180-plus warehouse ‘incidents’ requiring emergency aid. The true issue rests with a corporate giant that has profited immensely off the backs of its employees yet treats these human beings as robots rather than the valued assets they have become.

The time for empty promises and excuses has long passed, and the time for meaningful change is now. Improve conditions for your workforce before you are forced to celebrate another Prime Day with labor strikes and the wholesale loss of loyal customers.


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Photo Credit: Elliott Brown

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