The Crushing Power of Gender Identification – E Halliday

Unless you are transgender you have no idea how crushing the power of gender identification is on the individual affected.

It is like trying to push back on a slow moving freight train and you can’t get out of the way.

At some point in your life, if you are transgender, you hear the train whistle.

You try and ignore it for as long as you can.

As it slowly dawns on you that you can’t get off the track, you look behind you and realize that everything and everyone in your life is on the tracks behind you.

So you push back in a pitiable and futile attempt to halt the train’s progress.

No one applauds your attempts to protect and preserve all that is behind you. As the train pushes you backwards,
the train threatens all that is behind you and, to all, it’s totally your fault.

Sadly, it’s as if no one even sees the train.

All they see is you. They assume you are making the “train” up and are risking all for selfish reasons. They just can’t feel the power as the train relentlessly moves and pushes forward.

At some point it’s either get on the train or go under it. We know it and see it but the others don’t.

They never feel the relentless drive and immense power of the train much less see it.

They never appreciate the heroic, near-superhuman attempts to stop the train.

They just blame you for the destructive aftermath.

Emma Elizabeth Halliday

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