I Want My Unicorn T V

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Well now isn’t this amazing news to come back to? Emily Andras of “Lost Girl” and “Wynonna Earp” fame and adoration has inked a new deal for a new show with Syfy. And it’s not just any show. It’s a super-duper mega about, and I quote form The Hollywood Reporter:

“Axeholes follows a mismatched bunch of comic convention attendees who inadvertently get transported into the real-life world of their favorite fantasy TV series, Blue Bar’Bara. In the worst role-playing game ever, the unequipped party must learn to navigate a dangerous land of profanity-spewing battle axes, sociopathic fairies, disturbingly sensual dragons and a chainmail-bikini-wearing shield maiden as they struggle to find a way back home.”

All of this is amazing and I want to watch this immediately if not sooner. Emily said the series is a “an adoring, tongue-in-cheek love letter to fandom in general, and fierce barbarian princesses in particular.” She also said she was thrilled to be working with Syfy for being “endlessly supportive of the hilarious, moving, action-packed feminist genre shows.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Andras has already lured “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star and bisexual shero Stephanie Beatriz onto the project to play a, and again I quote, “barbarian shield maiden.”

So buckle up lil unicorns and unicorn lovers, we’ve got some watching to do.

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