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Brought to you by Taimi’s expert team of professional or shall we say serial daters.

Just kidding about the ‘serial daters’ part! Most of our staff are in serious relationships and those who are not — are looking for love. Though, admit it, that subheading caught your attention!

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Let’s get a few things out the way before giving out free life-saving tips.

– Taimi is not just for gay men (YES! Details on our LGBTQI+ launch and the incredible news in our other story on Medium)

– Taimi is not just for dating! It is a social network that aims to connect LGBTQI+ people, to help them find and form relationships.

– Taimi is all about love — granted if you’re looking for just a fling — more power to you but we are here to help our users find the one.

So, now that we have all the above in order here we go:

#10. Figure Out What You Want

  • Yes, this is a tough one! But look at it this way — to find what you want, you have to know what it is first. So, get to know yourself, love yourself and decide whether you want to flirt, date or get married.

#9. Look for Someone Who Is on the Same Page

  • If you’re out and proud but the person you’re attracted to isn’t ready to come just yet (or perhaps wants to remain in the closet) it may cause strain on your relationship.

#8. Don’t Add Them on Social Media (without asking!)

  • You’ve met on Taimi where you share what you want with potential dates. Social media is full of photos, memories, even tender moments with your ex(es). Do you want to share all that right away?

#7. Speaking of Exes….DON’T TALK ABOUT THEM!

  • We know it may be tempting but you never know whom your current and past partners might know (intimately too!)

#6. Avoid Controversial Topics

  • Let’s face it — conversations about religion, politics and the latest news can take go wrong really easily. A world of advice — talk about general topics

#5. Be Honest but Don’t Spill Your Guts

  • People tend to adorn things when they want to be liked. Don’t start your relationship on the wrong foot. Listen and let your date talk about themselves too.

#4. Don’t Undervalue Yourself

  • Low self-esteem is never attractive. Sure, you want to have a partner that loves you with all your flaws but please, don’t expose them all at once.

#3. If You’re Nervous — Admit to It

  • You don’t want them to get the wrong impression of you. They are likely just as nervous or excited or both. Admitting to having jitters can ease you both into a conversation and be an excellent ice-breaker. Honesty is the best policy.

#2. Don’t Rush Things

  • You don’t want to appear needy, do you? Get through the first date — first. Live in the moment, allow yourself to enjoy your date and don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress.

#1. Ask Questions

  • Remember, your conversations should flow. Get to know your date! Ask about their hobbies, preferences, interests before talking about yourself!

Bonus Tip: We trust that your first date was so amazing that you now have a second date on lock. Since you’ve followed all our tips and your second date went just as well as the first. When both of you are ready to take the next step — don’t forget about the all-important foreplay. After all, it is of the best ways to get the answers to all the questions you really wanted to ask.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our tips, now go get TAIMI and find someone to go on that first date with!

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