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Aaron Schock, former Republican Congressman (2009–2015) has a long anti-LGBTQ record. When in office, he voted consistently to put down LGBTQ rights legislation. His contributions include but not limiting to not recognizing ‘sexual orientation, gender identity, gender and disability’ as federal hate crimes, accepting “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and favoring Defense of Marriage Act that defined marriage between man and woman only. Those remarkable “achievements” let Schock earn a zero percent approval rating from Human Rights Campaign. Fair enough. A typical conservative story you may think. It would be if not the details of Aaron’s private life had gone viral.

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Earlier this year he attended the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival where Aaron spent time with his gay friends, the community he used to condemn and deprive of natural rights. And yet former Congressman felt relaxed and enjoyed the event as can be confirmed by 100K festival attendees. Moreover, he didn’t hide and acted as if it was absolutely OK. It definitely WAS NOT and public reaction was quick and furious as the photos from the event were posted online. Not surprisingly, numerous LGBTQ activists tried to reach him out for reasonable explanation if any. One of them has succeeded.

Edwin Montanez, gay supporter has shared the screenshots of a chat between him and Aaron (“Again, just to be clear, these are screenshots from an alleged private chat. Their validity has not been verified, though they appear to be legit,” according to Queerty). The latter disclosed him being in a process of coming out. The reasonable question about how that matches Aaron’s previous policy was hit back with: “We each have our own journey. Obviously I hadn’t come to terms with my sexuality 11 years ago when those votes were cast.” Sounds ironically, isn’t it? “They act as though I’ve been living a gay life the past ten years. I’ve been out office for 4 years. I started coming out a year ago. I don’t know any gay man who’s told the whole world at once,” Aaron added. Really? So, it only matters when becomes your personal issue. Far not the best way to learn about the importance of diversity, but an efficient one.

Even then he has been primarily focused on himself: “I plan to speak, but right now I’m dealing with my family who I was in the process of coming out to when the Coachella video went viral. Not exactly how you want your mom to find out. That is definitely putting the community second, isn’t it? Is it the best pattern for the person previously representing the people?

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